Super Dad

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Happy Birthday

Sammy’s birthday was just around the corner. She’d been on e-Bay, like, forever, looking at bikes, especially a BMX model. She’d keep running up to me with her laptop featuring a new page with one BMX after another, some of them pretty darn pricey, but I just kept saying “we’ll see” – usually “we’ll see” really means “no, hon.”, but my “we’ll see” was a definite “yes”. I really wanted her to have that bike if it made her that happy, so I went and got it for her. Nothing says “hero” more than making a little girl smile, so just call me SuperDad.

She was on that bike for days, riding it everywhere she went, even down to the local convenience store and back – any excuse at all. I think she’d trade her feet in for a pair of BMX pedals, instead. That’s how much she loved it.

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