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"Tick-Tock" Screamed the Clock

It’s 8:00 – do you know where your children are?

I didn’t know where my child was. I found it strange. It was so unlike her. I thought she could be hanging out with friends and lost track of time. What the heck, it was a Saturday, so I’d give her to 8:30 –then I’d call her to see what was up.

It’s 8:30 – do you know where your children are?

I didn’t know where my child was and it was a half-hour past her curfew, so…to the cell phone. Her voice mail came on instead. “Okay, maybe they’re listening to music and can’t hear the phone ring. I’ll try texting her.” Her text gives off a signal and it vibrates. She HAS to know I’m trying to reach her. I text her, wait 10 minutes, and get no response. Try again – a couple of times – nothing. I start to worry and start calling Sammy’s friends.

More panic sets in. None of her friends have seen her, in fact, most of them were at Homecoming. I call the police. All they do is tell me to stay calm and wait around a little longer. I want to put out an APB, but I’m too early – you have to wait 48 hours to officially report a person is missing, even if it’s your own child. My voice breaks holding back a sob as I shout “48 hours? How dumb is this? Do you know what could happen to my little girl in the next 48 hours?”

Then the police really get under my skin with the possibility that our little Sammy has run away. They have the gall to ask me if she’s tried it before, if there’s trouble in our home. I’m beside myself with grief, imagining all kinds of things like Sammy falling into a ditch, having her bike stolen – the things you don’t want to think about but you have to.

It’s 9:00 – do you know where your children are?

Finally, I’d had enough. I was pacing back and forth hyperventilating and that wasn’t going to bring Sammy home any sooner, so I take action and go out and look for her myself.

I went everywhere she went. I knew everywhere she went. We only lived within a half-mile radius of everywhere she went. I was out there until at least 3 in the morning…and I came home without her. I was in hysterics and I was wiped out, too. All I could think to do was to just go to bed. I’m not saying I could actually sleep, in fact I spent most of the night sitting on my bed looking out the window and moaning, fighting the tears back.

I needed some rest for the next day. Believe me, there were going to be a lot of next days I’d need rest for until Sammy walked back into my house.

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