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trapped in the unknown

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What is better than finding the truth? But what if the truth should be kept secret for our sake? This story talks about a girl trapped by her curiosity to find a treasure. But what if this treasure isn't some stupid kid game but something bigger than she could ever imagine? Join me on the adventure of Mia Hart a 17-year-old teenager. Mia lives with her mother and sister Veronica. She's simple and can be satisfied by little and doesn't have patience. She's been bullied but never gives her bullies the satisfaction of seeing her weak, but every time someone put her down she finds a way to shine up again even if it's just an act, even if she's broken inside. Cover by @anthonyaudi

Adventure / Drama
Jessy Jokhadar
Age Rating:


Do you ever feel like there is a reason for everything? Yeah well, I'm trying to figure out the reason why my father is somehow related to this treasure. You probably know these stories that talk about finding the truth about their shit life, this is one of them.

Let's get you up to speed, my life was simple yeah you read right 'was', I didn't have many problems, actually, I didn't, my only problem was to figure out what I wanted to eat in the morning or what I wanted to wear to school. And then suddenly my life turned upside down. Do you want to know why?


On a perfect summer day, we were cleaning the attic when I found a map between dad's cloth. Unfortunately, I couldn't ask him about it because he passed away two years ago, it's been hard on me, my twin sister, and my mother. After he died I couldn't eat or drink or get out of my room, I was devastated but my sister and mom were always supportive. "hey Vero look at this!" Veronica my twin sister, she is beautiful, has blond hair and brown big eyes, perfect body blah, blah, blah... you are probably asking if she is beautiful and you are twins aren't you like the same? No, we are not she is magnificent, popular; and I'm the plain-looking.

"can't right now, I'm busy um... put in order these old books" yeah right that's why I see you taking a selfie. Do you even know how to read? Ughh.

"it's important" I said hopefully getting her curiosity to take the better of her. "and I said I can't come right now"

"if I made the laundry for a week? Will you come?"

"fine, I'm coming"

She frowns at me for a moment and then spoke "what is this?"

"it's a map obviously."

"yeah I know I can see it, but I meant for what?"

"still figuring it out, I found it in our father's cloth."

"oh, umm" she took her breath than added.

"let's go ask mom."

"noo, no we can't tell her."

"why not? She's our mother."

"no we can't she will remember our father and she would be sad because of us"

"do you think that she ever forgot about him? But whatsoever okay."

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