Oppression Falls, Injustice Forever More

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A novel that follows three different stories of African American individuals during different time periods in hope to spread the message that we are all human. That we all feel pain.

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Authors Note

Before this begins I want it to be made clear that although I personally, have not experienced such hardships as this novel describes and therefore may not be someone who can tell these tales. Many of the events comes from an account of person who has experienced this life. From former slaves such as Mary Prince, Ottobah Cugoano, Venture Smith (Broteer Furro) and Olaudah Equiano, and slave owners such as Arthur William Hodge. I did a lot of research when writing this book, although some things still may be inaccurate, I am sorry. Some people may say that I shouldn’t write about such things due to my heritage being one of both Australian and Turkish, but if I can’t speak up about injustice than that just goes against everything that humanity hopes to achieve. If you have a problem with that no one is forcing you to read this.

Anything that seems racially offensive in this novel I am saying sorry now as I am trying to be truthful to history and history is terrible. It is not my opinion but rather myself trying to convey the opinion of people during the time.

This was written for a school history assignment so it may not be the best.

Warning this book contains sexual harassment, harsh language, violence, racial discrimination, depression.

The point of this novel is not to just tell a story but send a message. To convey how the past speaks to the present, controlling certain aspects with an iron fist. If we only release this hold, this grudge against ‘the other’, then equality and equity will be achievable. Many with power, abuse their position. View it as a means to ruin other ethnic lives. This novel is a message for all to see that discrimination is not the answer, but the problem.

Slavery brought an oppression for all those of African American decent. It caused a power imbalance that to this day is unsolved. Now there is injustice and inequality to those with darker skin. The history of the African American citizen caused multiple ethnic slurs used to offend the race and laws to imprison them without the needs of chains.

Oppression fell upon them and the injustice lasted forever more.

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