Running From The Mafia

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On the run with her brother from multiple Mafias that he stole money from, they have stayed one step ahead of them for years. Their luck is about to run out when Jayden arrives in the town they are currently hiding out in.

Adventure / Romance
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In the beginning the main character name will not be the same as they show up because they are using fake names trying to stay hidden from the Mafia. The main two characters are Conner and Cassie, they are brother and sister but she will be called by her fake identity until they are discovered then their names will stay correct.

Cassie Waters is a twenty-four year old average woman trying to make a small living in everyone’s eyes with to my identity cover, actually a world known sniper, martial arts master and one of the best trackers but she is on the run from the Mafia with her brother Conner.

Conner Waters is twenty-seven years old. Got involved with the Mafia at the age of eighteen becoming the biggest hacker and also sniper along with his sister. He was pulled into different organizations to do what they wanted him to. He wound up stealing money from one of the biggest Mafia leaders along with a few others and now has a bounty out on his head for his capture. On the run with his sister trying to stay out of the way of them.

Jayden Tillman is also twenty-seven years old but known as The King or Ice King and runs the biggest Mafia group in the United States and Canada. He has been tracking us for the last five years but we have managed to stay one step in front of him.

Michael Simmons is twenty-six years old and Jayden’s second in command, is out for blood due to Conner stole a ton of money from his boss.

JT Miller is the leader of the West Coast Mafia, he is twenty-eight years old and wants me as my brothers payment for what he took from him. These men know both of our backgrounds and a woman with my skills standing beside them would be a huge advantage and increase their power. It would also be a statement where no one would even mess with us due to in other’s eyes, it would make us the most powerful couple that ever existed.
Donnie Turner who is twenty-eight and the leader of the East Coast Mafia, but wants to kill my brother for stealing from him. No one steals from a leader and survives it but against all the odds we have up till now.

---------------------NOW TO THE STORY-------------------

I am working in a small restaurant as a waitress outside of Richmond, Virginia but for some reason we are slow for a Saturday when the front door bell rings as customers come inside.

Without looking at them I say “Welcome to The Rainbow Diner. Please have a seat and I will be with you in a moment.” The restaurant kind of reminds you of a old drive in diner from the fifties. Outside has just parking places now with out any boards, but it was used back then by the owners parents before he took over and turned it into a full dine in only. Three men walk to a corner table and sit down and as I start to walk over to the I freeze when I see Jayden and two other men sitting there. Damn! What am I going to do? They will recognize me, I just know it. I’m the only one here due to my co-worker Patsy is on break so hoping my dyed hair and using a higher pitched voice, I take a deep breath and approach them.

“Hello. My name is Lydia and I will be your server today. What can I get you to drink?” not making eye contact with them while looking down at my pad.

Jayden speaks first “Coke please” he says in a smooth accent since he is originally from Canada.

Michael is next “Tea no lemon”

JT is the last to look at me with a huge grin on his face “Root beer”

I nod my head and walk away to get their drinks but feel their eyes burning into the back of my head, my hair is dyed blonde due to I have tried to change my appearance as much as possible. Unfortunately I am well known in the Mafia circles and if anyone can identify me it is these three.

JT speaks in a very low tone but I can still hear him “I’m telling you, that’s her. She can try and change her appearance as much as she wants to but she can’t fool me.”

“JT, I’m thinking the same thing. Your trackers did good this time. How did they find her?” Jayden’s sexy voice lightly floats over the counter and I try to think fast about what to do. I am cornered in this place right now and they have the upper hand.

“A good friend that lives here saw them in the grocery store and shot a picture of them to me. I confirmed that it was them and put my trackers on her immediately.”

Trying not to show how my nerves are about shot to hell right now, I approach them with the drinks “Here you go gentleman. Do you know what you would like to order or shall I give you a few minutes?”

Jayden points to a picture on the menu “I would like the Philly steak sandwich plate with fries.”

“Yes sir. What would you like?” turning to Michael

“Club sandwich plate all onion rings” his grin is a little too wide for my comfort as he orders.

“Yes sir. What can I get you?” turning to JT who is smirking at me and keeps his focus on my eyes as he speaks.

“Two hot dogs all the way and a order of half and half” his eyes are sparkling under the lights.

“It will be out shortly.” I walk away trying not to show how fast I want to get away from them then put in the order. I walk to the back to grab my phone calling Conner.

“Hello?” he answers in a sleepy voice.

“I don’t have long but Jayden, Michael and JT are here. They are at my work, what do I do?” starting to freak out some now because I can not believe they have caught up with us after seven months.

His voice perks up quickly “Get out of there now! Run out the back and get to the apartment. We are leaving in an hour.”

Ding goes the bell in the window “Order Up!!!” the cook hollers out. I did not realize that much time had passed already.

“Shit, I got to go. That’s their food.”

Conner growls into the phone with a forceful voice “Don’t. Get out the back NOW!!!!”

My boss hollers a little louder “Lydia! Order up!”

“Got to go!” saying in a panicked but sad voice.

“Cass!” he screams into the phone but I hang up and head back up front. Grabbing the plates then slowly walk over to their table and place the food in front of them.

“Anything else I can get you right now?” trying not to show my shaking hands right now. I am not that nervous about being in their presence, it is just that I had never thought they would find us in this small town.

Jayden smiles up at me “No thank you. We’re good.”

Walking over to the counter acting natural like nothing is wrong and trying to calm my nerves down. I am trapped at work with the three men that have been hunting us for years. Taking a deep breath, I try to clean to act like I don’t even know them.

Shortly after he has finished his food Jayden gets up, walks over to my boss, says something then slips him a wad of money while nodding at JT. JT gets up and starts towards me so I run through the back area, grab my purse and fly out the back door jumping into my car starting it. JT appears at the back door and I hit the gas taking off towards our apartment.

“You can’t run forever Cassie! I will find you again.”

Jayden lays his hand on his shoulder “You know where she is going?”

“Oh yeah! There we will also find Conner. She called him earlier when she saw us. They are going to pack and run but this time my men will be there waiting for them. They have the place staked out.”

“Good. Let’s go then” he turns and motions for Michael to follow.

JT smiles with a bright white smile on his face “Yep. Time to collect my fee and this time there is no negotiation. She will be mine.”

“What fee is that?” Jayden looks at him with a questionable face.

“Her as payment. I have been after her for years wanting her as mine. She would be the perfect addition to my crew as my queen.”

“Nope! Not going to happen” he has this smirk on his face now.

JT rares back at him “What do you mean boss? This was part of my plan when I told you about this.”

His smile get bigger “Well, plans have changed now.”

Stepping back to glare at him hard “You can’t be serious? Come on, you know I want her.”

“I didn’t realize she was a drop dead gorgeous woman either. You said pretty but not like that. You are right about one thing.”

Michael steps into the doorway now “What’s that boss?”

“She would make one hell of a queen that would be feared by everyone. Her skills are off the charts and will make a good addition. We will just have to break her first. That way she will obey anything I command.”

Michael cracks his knuckles hard “As long as I get her brother, I’m down. That little shit is going to pay for everything he has done. Long torture is in his future.”

He gets a finger shoved in his face for that statement “No. He will be used to break her. That punk owes us all a shit ton of money and it’s time we collected on that.”

With that they walk back through the cafe and get into his car. The tracker they have placed outside our place calls to inform them I have made it home. Jayden starts his Range Rover and heads that way.

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