The Temple of the Mountain

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The world has ended in immense nuclear fallout nearly 13 years ago. Yuudai Tsukamoto, in a temple of an isolated community of monks and families of refugees from the events of the fallout, has lived his entire life isolated near the heights of Mount Fuji. Even after the nuclear war that ended the world, civilization continues. The streets of Tokyo are now littered wastelands of skyscrapers, ruins, and destruction. Tokyo has now become a settlement of the last humans of Japan, with people wearing gas masks, and human deformities clearly visible. The lands have lived with a broken society, until the heavens decided to test mankind with the final trial... (I will try to release chapters weekly) -Contains Mild Language and gore-

Adventure / Fantasy
Age Rating:


Warning: Every element in this story is at amateur level, as well as plot, characters, vocab, and grammar. This is a project I work on if I have free time, and it is mostly likely not going to be good!
A good portion of it is unedited as well.

If you read this far, good job!

If your curious why in the title it says The Great Escape Story No. 3, it’s because this is the third story of an interconnected compilation of stories I wrote back when I was in elementary and middle school. If you wish to read those(Warning: Really cheesy dialogue and story because I was a child!), you can just ask me, and I’ll publish them on Wattpad from my old files, although they don’t have a clear ending. These are the 3 stories in order:

The Great Escape Story No. 1: The Great Escape
The Great Escape Story No. 2: Dungeon of Heroes
The Great Escape Story No. 3: The Temple of the Mountain

Almost all images and entries in the Yokai Dex are from I did not write any of these entries and all images belong to their owner. I do not own the book cover art, I don’t know the artist but if you do please message me!

My main account is centered in Wattpad, username: @Wander4491

I appreciate your motivation to read this far! I hope you can slightly enjoy the story!


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