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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Almagtige Almighty

Apartheid a policy of forced separation of races

Astrophysicist the branch of astronomy concerned with the properties of stars

baasskap boss-ship or domination; where the white man must automatically be in charge

Baster literally, a bastard—a ‘half-breed’—of mixed race

bakkie a pickup truck

bedonered crazed with anger

belaglik laughable

bekommer worry or troubles oneself over

Burgemeester Mayor

besete infected

bliksemse (derogatory) bloody

bobbejaan baboon

boere farmer—(derogatory) Afrikaner whites 

boesman / bushmen see san and khoisan

boetie brother or friend

bokkie a fawn, term of endearment for a female, a plaything

braai barbeque

Broederbond brotherhood, an officially abandoned secret society devoted to furthering white Afrikaner influence

CERN European organization for fundamental nuclear research

coolie an unskilled native laborer from India’s south

dagga marijuana

dankie thank you

diaken deacon

dief thief

Dominee a clergyman, a preacher, in the NGK or Dutch Reformed Church

donner to beat up / also, 'rascal'

donnerse ding damned or bloody thing

Doppers a member of the most conservative Afrikaner Church, which practises a strict version of Calvinism

dorp  small village

duiwel devil 

duiwelaanbidder devil-worshipper

eie own (people)

ek I

evolutionary anthropology the study of the evolution of human physiology and human behaviour

fantasties fantastic

fok / fokken fuck / fucking

gedoente contraption

gee give

gekry acquired

gemeente parish

gemeentelede parishoners

geraas noise

groot geraas big noise

haasbek toothless

Hadron Collider World's largest and most powerful particle accelerator (at CERN)

hemel heaven

hominid a primate of a family ( Hominidae ) that includes humans and fossil ancestors.

Homo Naledi A hominid sub-species found in 2013 in the Rising Star cave system of Maropeng, South Africa.

Hotnot (derogatory) coloured person, derived from Hottentot; used to refer to Khoi peoples.

Israel-Visie a collective term for a variety of conservative religious groups who aim to prove that they are direct descendants of Israel's chosen people

iron maiden medieval torture device—a coffin-like apparatus festooned with inward pointing spears to skewer a victim

ja yes

Jislaaik an exclamation similar to "Jeepers"

jou you or your

Kaffer (extremely derogatory) a black person

Kaffir-boetie (derogatory) a white person who speaks on behalf of blacks

kak shit or nonsense

kakpraathout a variety of wood used for bonfires but not for cooking meat due to noxious fumes that taint food.

Kardashev Scale Named after Russian physicist, Nikolai Kardashev, a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement, based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to utilize

khoisan a collective term for the Khoikhoi (Hottentot) and San (Bushmen) peoples (not black African see nguni) of southern Africa: see also Coloured, boesman/bushman, hotnot

klap hit or smack

klein small

kleinbaas small boss

klim climb

klomp lot of

kom come on

kont cunt

landdros magistrate.  

larney posh

lelike ugly 

lekker great and enjoyable

luister listen

ma mother

mal mad or insane

manne men

masjien machine

meme cultural analogues to genes; infectious ideas that self-replicate, mutate and respond to selective social pressures

mense people or culture

meneer or Mnr. mister or Mr.

moffie (derogatory) queer, homosexual

momparas idiots or fools

Mother City Nickname for Cape Town

Munchausen Syndrome Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a mental illness and a form of child abuse. The caretaker of a child either makes up fake symptoms or causes real symptoms to make it look like the child is sick.

Nguni the black-African group of closely related Bantu language speakers, including Ndebele, Swazi, Xhosa, and Zulu

niks nothing

non sequitur a situation where the conclusion one is drawing does not logically follow from what is at issue

nooit weer never again

onbeskof immensely rude  

Oom uncle

opskud get a move on

oens guys, fellows, boys or men

oupa grandfather

pa father

pro bono a free service

putch a secretly plotted and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a system

realpolitik a perception of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations

rooinek a foreigner, particularly an English speaking person

seun son or boy

SKA Square Kilometre Array (Radio Telescope)

skandaal scandal or scandalous

skelms crooks 

sommer just

staan stand

stilte quiet

swart black

staan stand up

synod the governing body of the church

tannie aunt

tik methamphetamine

uitlanders outsiders or newcomers

vang catch

vark pig

veld bush or scrub, uncultivated land

verraaier turncoat

verdomde damned

voetsek get-lost, go, get away

volk peoples, culture

voortrekker Dutch-speaking people who migrated away from the Cape Colony from 1836 in order to live beyond British rule.

weer again

weg away

xenophobia fear of foreigners

Young Earth Creationist (also YEC) Christian sects who believe in a literal interpretation of the bible and a 6,000 year old earth

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