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The Essences

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A new age Lord of the Rings The Essences are four unique weapons of incredible power and good, created by God, and given to His four Generals, the Archangels, to reign over His creations. A dark prophecy exists, stating that if the Essences become separated from the bond of their four owners, then a dark time of great strife would ensue. Follow the footsteps of the eager and cheerful, angel, Uriel, the best friend and apprentice to the mighty, Archangel, Michael. Little by little, Uriel begins to realize that he has found himself wedged in the early stages of a rebellion in Heaven. Always at the epicenter of this revolution, he begins to question his allegiance, as he struggles to pick a side. The Almighty warns him about interfering in what he witnesses, but this command is easier heard than done. All this while, Satan, God’s most beautiful Archangel, infuriated by the creation of earth and humankind, embarks on a calculated journey of his own, wishing to kick start the dark prophecy and implode humanity with the Essences, one of which is his Trident of Persuasion, which he is often depicted with throughout time.

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The Four Gallants

How could it have come to this? Not so long ago things were very different in Heaven, but now, I just witnessed the fall… Fire, ashes, perdition, and many of my brethren lost to this cliff of eternal abyss… the rebellious one calls it hell… Now I know what is meant by the very profound message of warning, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Indeed it is! I cannot help but think that my own good intentions are also cemented, here, on this path!

This is where defiance to God leads… Many would call this the wrath of God, but God did not do this, we did! This is the saddest, most devastating, episode in my angelic existence. Tears of excruciating grief running down my face… The dark prophecy, foretold by the choirs of angels, is fulfilled! But who has won in this civil war? God’s faithful, angelic, Hosts? Or the rebel ones? It is unclear, but it is done! I think I know where this all started… I think I know where it all went wrong...

The Almighty God summons his four Archangels to His Palace in Heaven. It is for a very special occasion, a celebration. Today is the day in which the universe is created. I have just witnessed with amazement how matter is put into existence; call it the big bang, if you will. Particles and spectacle of pure, inconceivable, energy in the air… It is power, colors, and indescribable love, flying, all over a blank canvas.

For me, especially, it is a day of great importance, a day of great honor and privilege, because I have also been summoned to the house of the Lord. How could it be that, I, an angel with no particular stature, have also been summoned to the meeting with God’s most important angels? I ask myself, what could be the reason that I may be included in such an exalted gathering? Soon, I will find out and no doubt it shall be glorious!

Until that moment comes, I diligently prepare my Archangel’s armor and weapon for this meeting with God. I always spend many hours polishing his sword, leaving no precious, blue sapphire without luster. No golden or silver edge left unpolished and deprived of gloss. I take my time to inspect it in the gleaming light. I know this is no small feat, paying attention to detail, taking special care of the ordinary things. Even now, when I know that this weapon is by no means small or lacking importance. This lofty sword, that I hold, is no ordinary sword, it is a well-known super weapon, crafted by God, in which He shares His inalienable powers with His angels. It belongs to my commander, the Archangel or Gallant, Michael. The weapon even has a name; it is called, “The Sword of Justice and Mercy.” And it is inscribed in the blade.

How many can say that they have been in the presence of such greatness? I can! I cannot emphasize, enough, how I am so lucky to be honored with the position of being the best friend, and apprentice, to an Archangel! I give thanks for this position of supreme nobility. I strive to serve faithfully with every breath of my soul and existence!

My commander’s black armor is also within reach...the stamp of a blue

sword, branded, on the chest protector has also been given special care, thoroughly cleaned and polished. No crack or crevice of the, deceivingly light, breastplate left impure.

In just a few moments, he, my good pal, my mentor, the Archangel, Michael, shall enter this room and will be covered with this armor from wings to toes. The armor and weapons of an Archangel are especially important because they are what differentiate them from us, Cherubs… angels of lesser superiority and stature, (In both rank and size).

Under the tutelage of my master, Michael, and this sword, I was once taught the art of battle just as all angels were. This is fitting because both Michael and this sword jointly created the art of combat.

Not too long ago, I recall my commander’s words of wisdom in Heaven’s training arena, imparting to everyone, with his curious accent, “Peace above all! Restraint, self-c’ntrol and submissive behavi’r! Our acts wilt always be ones of strife and struggle, especially with oneself…

“Avoideth conflict at all costs, but sometimes c’nflict and resolution is needed! The key of c’mbat shall always be strength and weakness! Expose thy opponent’s weakness and attacketh with all thy strengths! It will maketh thou both improve…”

We would all recite and repeat his words of wisdom in astounding legions, in gang chants of thousands… These phrases always resonate in my head and are words that I attempt to live up to.

Under Michael’s care of infinite wisdom, the two virtues of justice and mercy never conflicted. “Aft’r war comes peace… Aft’r combat comes f’rgiveness,” he preached to us all.

With his sword of justice and mercy, he taught us many other virtues as well and how they are applied in warfare.

He announced, “Clemency wilt always be ex’rcis’d!”

I remember vividly and with a smile that no one would dare spar with him, not even I, even though I knew he would take it easier on me because I am his friend and confidant. Even so, Michael would teach and train, showing his might and fervor, against many opponents, thrusting on, and hurtling forward, elevating his trainees into the sky, slashing and thrashing with each stroke of his sword. He would brandish his weapon, using his, mighty, fighting skills, just as I am, playfully, role-playing with it right now. He could use his entire being, wings included, to thwart his pupils and all challengers. All onlookers were also awed by his display of valiant swordsmanship. He also had the power to shock his adversaries with blue, lightning-like, bolts, jolts of energy exuding from his electrified sword, which would magnify his fighting skills. Leading by God’s example he was, and is, always, both just and merciful.

Lucky for us, when we train with him, we improve our abilities, daily, and there is no limit to the heights our skills can reach. We try our hardest to one day be on par with him, but this realization is much easier said than done…

As a good Commander, Michael is always there for us, like a father, and especially for me, never with one moment of his own... His love for all his students is selfless. In Michael, I see and admire the characteristics of the one he serves, directly, The Father and Almighty God.

With him, I always knew I was in good hands, that God had tasked him specifically for this purpose, to keep peace and enforce His will in Heaven. It is no coincidence that the Gallant, Michael, was chosen to be one of the four Supreme Commanders of us angels, serving a very specific role in God’s plan.

Now, I carefully put his sword of justice and mercy in its sheath and attach it to Michael’s armor. It is now ready to be worn by a General of God!

Just as I predicted, with the punctuality of a Gallant, Michael enters the hall, he gives me a glowing stare and a heart-warming smile… I do the same, except mine is accompanied with a simple bow of respect to my superior. The mystifying light that exudes from his black complexion is inspiring. It shines from his skin and illuminates all it touches.

We both keep to ourselves, not saying anything. He likes to keep to himself because he knows he is about to meet with God, that the Lord commands respect and deserves to hear the first words of the day.

With reverence, he first kisses the hilt of his sword. With the finest touch of his lips, it automatically becomes activated and lit with an electrifying, glimmering, blue, light. Then he quickly, but methodically, dresses himself with the armor, which I have carefully placed on the table. Now, I am delighted to say, he is worthy of facing the Lord…

All four Gallants have heard the calling of our Lord, and now exit their palaces simultaneously. I am there to accompany my master, Michael, every step of the way. Well, maybe it isn’t steps we will be taking… A flight cannot be characterized as such…

I follow my friend, closely, to the outskirts of his palace. I can tell he is happy for me, that I will also be joining-in on the meeting. I am sure he is already briefed on what the Lord beckons from me at this gathering, but he will not give me a clue, wishing it to be a surprise, which adds to my excitement.

My gaze is entirely focused on his armor and sword, attentive to its perfect placement on my Gallant’s back, right in between his two wings. But now, we are finally ready to go... I am eager to take flight…

As Michael strongly grabs ahold of my waist, I am swept off of my feet. He easily does this with his mighty strength, even though we are of comparable size. I am just a little smaller than he is because I am pretty big and tall for a Cherub.

He takes off flying, first with me in his right arm, and then I climb onto his back, on top of his sword of justice and mercy. We are propelled into the very blue, Heavenly skies. I am like a child, completely trusting in the stability of my master. I can honestly say that I enjoy this too much! Flying is always my favorite part of the day!

Even though I also have two wings, my wings are more aesthetic than functional for flying. Only the four Archangels’ wings are made for flight. And, so, I have the gratification of being carried by Michael through Heavens’ spheres. My friend indulges me on this guilty pleasure. I think it is because every time we do this, he sees the joy that exudes from my soul. Maybe, it is because, otherwise, I would have to find a more mundane mode of transportation to arrive at Paradise Palace…

Right now it is the crack of dawn, when God’s light begins to shine its brightest. You cannot beat the view from my perspective. The scene is beautiful… Heaven is as stunning as promised, more astounding than your wildest dreams. It is nothing like you have ever seen before. It is as striking as a pristine jungle-beach and has the look of a brand new technologically modern city. There are towers, turrets, and castles in the horizon. Architectural wonders are everywhere… Workshops specialized for building all types of artifacts, big and small. These are the most prominent sights... It is truly a fusion between nature and technology. Everything is alive and vibrant, all part of a hybrid creation. For instance, edifices of metal and skin, yet, everything is elegant and aesthetically pleasing to the senses. The smell is of delightful freshness. The sensation on my tongue is of sweetness and it lingers freshly on my breath. The sounds are of peace and clarity. The sights are colorfully vibrant, shiny and sensational. Both nature and our nurturing care are the themes…

Very soon after lift-off, in the skies, another flying angel joins us. It is the Archangel, Gabriel, who appears out of the blue. His extremely fast flight pattern now mimics our own, as we soar parallel to one another. Gabriel’s beauty is astounding! He too is wearing a matching, black, armor to that of Michael’s, except his chest is stamped with the image of a green shield instead of a blue sword. He does not carry anyone on his back. Like I said, I am very lucky to be in this unique position…

Gabriel too is fasting in silence before the conference with the Lord. Their concentration, in preparation, for the meeting with God is exemplary.

Just a warm smile says it all to both Michael and I, no need for a formal greeting. I can tell by his expression that he never gets tired of seeing my enjoyment when traversing through the skies. You never see a Cherub fly!

I wish dearly to break my silence because one cannot squander the opportunity to be heard by the Archangels. Not just that, but the thrill I am experiencing remains unrivaled and has to be expressed… Still, I remain quiet and simply smile back at Gabriel. I really wish my smile could match his!

As we soar through the skies, I begin to reminisce on my past experiences with Gabriel. I fervently cherish these memories, remembering how after long days of weapons training in Heaven’s coliseum with Michael; I would look forward to what followed, a chance to unwind and spend time with another of God’s General’s, Gabriel.

In the coliseum of Heaven, Gabriel’s smile and tales of optimism would gather thousands of angels before him. This coliseum is the location, which we now fly over. It is enormous and oval, meant to fit all angels inside its perimeter.

In that moment, I have flashbacks of Gabriel’s grin, gathered around my brothers and sisters, all trying to learn from his leadership and positivity. A word from his mouth could cheer the saddest, and he could make any angel see light in darkness. He can turn rotten apples into the sweetest of nectars. Inspiring and moving, he is the best storyteller, intriguing, suspenseful, comedic. My story telling cannot even compare to Gabriel’s.

Gabriel always keeps morale high in Heaven by laughing and sharing stories. After intense, but fulfilling, combat training, he sometimes accompanied us on our walks home. We all listened to his tales, as he was projected in majestic sounds and images in the skies. Most vividly, I remember his voice amplified, recounting the stories and anecdotes of all four Archangels’ creations, his included. Telling us how fortunate we are to see God and to know He exists. How lucky we are to be in His presence and share in His omnipotence. Even though he was projected for all to see, he would always make the experience feel very personal, speaking to each one of us uniquely just as God does.

“Those who have a good father do not need to worry about anything because a good father always takes care of his children. What better father than God!” He would also say, “Angels are not blinded or short sided by anything material. We know the full truth.”

In all his stories, Gabriel’s, green, weapon, “The Shield of Good News,” was the focus of attention and awe. He is definitely the shield of Heaven and the one who brings high morale to the kingdom, protecting God’s creations.

So imagine me now, in even more awe than before to be in the presence of he who possesses the shield of good news. I usually get to spend a long time with the sword of justice and mercy, when I polish it, and pass quality time with my pal, but never long periods with Gabriel’s shield. Even though the weapon is on his back, covered, in its semi-transparent sheath, I can still see the glimmer of the green sapphires and the shining of the gold and silver outlining.

I know in my heart that Gabriel was created to serve God as a good son would, honoring his father, being obedient, being humble, but also complementing the father. Lead by his example, I too try to be like this, in a constant state of joyous improvement.

As we soar through the firmament, in the distance, I can see two more paths of flight approaching our direction. One of the airborne body’s leaves a red trail of fire and the other leaves a trail of purple gas. When Gabriel and Michael see these flying objects approach, they quickly accelerate, as if racing...

I love every exhilarating instant! Picture my face of joy once we reach the most incredible speeds. Even so I grab a better hold of Michael’s back, whereas before my hands were free from attachment. They were previously extended on both sides of my torso, only bound to the pure air that trespassed my complexion… My hair flowing backward with the intensity of the fresh wind…

The red and purple objects flying in the distance are now closer, they resemble, vivid, shooting stars, like us, they are airborne at incredible speeds.

Below, I can see many angels in the streets of Heaven who stare up at the Gallants as they are flying. The Archangels stare back at them and admire God’s creation. The distance that we travel seems very short because of the incredulous speeds that are reached, but it is really quite long, having flied through almost all of Heaven’s spheres.

Then we land almost simultaneously in the courtyard below Paradise Palace. Our landing is as though we were wearing jet-propelled backpacks. In our wake, as we all place our feet firmly on the ground; we have formed ripples of wind. The impact is epic, bionic!

Now I am released from Michael’s firm support and am able to walk about freely. Acknowledging each other, the two, Michael and Gabriel, now embrace, but remain silent. I quickly step aside to allow my Gallants to attend to their rituals and duties.

The two red and purple objects that we just saw, at a distance, while flying, now descend and land right next to us as vortexes of light. Their playful but fierce landings also create, intense, ripple-tremors that shake me to my core.

The colored objects soaring in the sky were the final two Archangels left to be introduced, Satan and Raphael; they now join us, overwhelming me with ecstasy, if at all possible, at this point. Satan, the oldest of God’s Gallants and Raphael the youngest, are just a few steps away! Both have magnificent weapons of their own that are being carried, in sheaths, on their backs, inside the plumage of their wings.

It is my duty to clear a path for these embodiments to land as if my location were a landing strip. It is they who are the guests of honor at the palace, not I. I am just a secondary guest. Besides, I can always rely on this alternate spot and angle to get a marvelous glimpse of the Archangel, Raphael, landing, and the beautiful staff he carries, and today my spot does not disappoint! Too many favorite instances to choose from!

All four Gallants are now present. These Generals of Heaven are such a great taste of the grandiosity in God’s creations. None higher than them, except the Almighty Himself.

Here at the base of Paradise Palace, I am one step closer to finding out why I have been summoned. If I had only known that this is the day it all started, this is the day it all began to go wrong, for me and for all the angels, things might have been different!

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