The Essences

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The Four Essences and The Dark Prophecy

Now the Gallants begin to walk side-by-side, heading towards a flight of stairs. Oh how majestic they are in entirety, from wings to toes! I humbly follow at a distance, trailing from behind.

Many crowds of angels always gather to the presence of their Gallants entering the Palace. Some try to touch the Archangels armors and weapons, attempting to receive special graces as their powers always, residually, rub-off. Today is no exception. Multitudes of our brethren approach the area to get a glimpse of their leaders and cheer them on with praises. This welcoming is more epic than any victory parade. This is the sense of belonging and community in Heaven because we are all loving brothers and sisters.

None are jealous of my position of importance at their side. They are happy for me. I can sense their unconditional support as they wave at me with the joy of

children. I simply wave back.

But, ever since Raphael and Satan landed, my gaze has mostly been focused on Raphael’s staff, which he carries partially covered on his back. Let me be clear… It is not a fixation on precious objects that I have, which you may be thinking… It is the power of God and His craftsmanship that fascinate me.

Raphael has the same black uniform as the other Gallants, but has a bright, purple staff, symbol encrusted on his chest armor. His weapon,The Staff of Souls,” resembles a simple, silver and gold walking stick, adorned with purple ametrine stones. It looks as though it has been cut from a tree branch and spun around itself on an axis.

I notice that the staff has been leaning a little too far to the right, on his back, so I cannot help but approach and straighten it out for him. Raphael felt my corrective action. He simply turns around, winks one of his eyes at me, and does so with a smile. He is known for doing exactly this, always winking his eye in approval and encouragement. His silent appreciation for what I have just done speaks louder than words. I wish desperately to answer back, but still do not. Now, I can go back to admiring the near perfection of the Archangels…

This staff is one of the very first things I remember seeing on my birthday. Yes, I too had a birthday! I cannot tell you the exact date or moment because that is not how things work here. What I can tell you is that on the day of my creation, God gave me life, through a touch on the forehead, by Raphael’s staff. I remember suspiring as if I would have never tasted oxygen, and right then, I was given my spirit, unique and childish as you might have noticed, but it was a spirit nonetheless. Perhaps this was the very instant where I got my silly and competitive nature, always wishing to outshine others. My goal is not to be better than everyone else, but to simply perform to the highest of my abilities, and in doing so, raise the bar for everyone.

As I awoke into existence, Raphael was there to greet me with a warm embrace. He put down his staff and said to me in a raspy voice, “Suscipiat ad caelum, Uriel! Welcome to Heaven, Uriel!”

If you were wondering, that is my God-given name, Uriel, it means, God is my light… If only everyone could be greeted in such a fashion! That would be a sight!

Since then, I have been a witness to the marvels of the staff of souls and how it can cure the ailments of the soul, mind, and body. But more so, I can attest to its defensive powers. Raphael infused me with strength, encouragement, and healing when I fell in the training arena, and boy did I fall, over and over…

I remember clearly, soon after my creation day, Raphael approached me, and very reverently said in angel-talk, “Constare Deum posse decreverint perfom multa signa per virgam meam quæ vocabatur... God can perform many miracles, through my staff, but the true miracula, miracles, are those I have no part of, those that come as gifts straight from the Omnipotens, Almighty.” He said this to encourage me to perform my own miracles…

It is with him that I learned to praise with my singing. I do not have a very melodic voice, but I try to sing with my entire being.

He said to me, “Gratias tibi Deus! Thank God! Give Him the praise and gloria! Honorem and proclaim God’s deeds and do not be lackadaisical in praising Him!

“Before all the existing, acknowledge the many good things He has done for you by benedictionem, blessing, and extolling his name in canticum, song... ”

The Gallants continue to walk up impeccable, white, steps that are a mix of clouds and sunlight beaming through. One must traverse this staircase, on foot, to enter Paradise Palace. Only the worthy and full of grace may enter.

In my current trance, walking up the staircase, I trip on a step and nearly fall on my face, “Concentrate!” I say to myself. I am forcefully awoken from my day dreaming to now focus on my surroundings. It is not polite to stare, or least, to obsess on any particular topic, so I apologize… I forgot how hard and tiring it can be to walk up hill!

From up close, the palace’s detail is now more visible. It is a majestic, white, temple, with four obelisks, that can be seen, standing proud, from all places in Heaven. On the outside, there are Corinthian style columns. It is simple, but grand, modern, but antique looking, made to represent the simplicity and grandiosity of God.

The light of Heaven glistens in the Archangels’ complexion, glowing in entirety. The blackness of their armors makes a sort of chessboard contrast with the white steps that they climb. Everything happens as if in slow motion. Their importance makes one savor the moment just a little longer, but not too long because I can barely keep up with their enthusiastic pace…

As the Gallants reach the end of the very long staircase, two gray angels similar in appearance to me are holding long, golden, spears, and they open enormous wooden doors for us to enter.

When the Archangels walk by, they are greeted with their titles, “GALLANTS,” and “SERVIAM,” the second term meaning, “We will serve.” This refers to an angel’s duties to serve God the Almighty, to work for the increase of His glory, and to see that His will be done.

With jittery smiles on their faces, much like my own, the guards salute, raising their spears to the sky, and continue to bow their heads, in reverence.

The Gallants walk into a great, Greek style, edifice, reminiscent of a Pantheon building, which sole purpose, in this case, is to pay tribute to the One, True, God.

The inside is specially adorned with bright lights like the stars of the newly created universe. The walls contain enormous murals depicting the vivid stories of creation. The Archangel’s images are engraved and painted with vibrant colors throughout. Some of these murals illustrate and narrate the stories that I have just told you, and many more of the creation of the Gallants and their weapons.

My gaze turns to one of the murals, which vividly contains Satan below a majestic, golden, tree. It is incredible artwork! Definitely one of my favorites, but it is an unfinished painting! Which means the events in the masterpiece are not yet completed or have not yet unfolded… So, I stay a moment to admire the painting, speculating how the mural’s story will develop. I have always wondered what, that, my favorite painting, will be about…

Now, I can see the flawless, white, marble, walls, along with bright chandeliers, throughout, which give additional glow to the stories depicted on these paintings.

Entering an opening where there is no ceiling, lies a resplendent, white fountain. The angels casually wash their foreheads and hands. I do the same. We all do this as a tradition, to cleanse, and so that we will be presentable in front of our Lord. Think of it as a very refreshing bath of the spirit.

With water from the tips of his fingers, Raphael swiftly splashes my face. If only he had done this sooner, before I almost fell to the ground on the stairs, I would have awoken from my daze and not stumbled. The others laugh at this playful joke. By the time I try to get him back, their determined strides had already left me behind. This water lights a fire in our souls, which is clearly visible in their demeanor and hopefully in mine too.

Now, the Archangels continue to traverse in a straight line, side-by-side, as equals in the eyes of God. On occasion their footsteps become synchronized and the sound of their trotting is as if they were marching.

Our destination, within reach, an enormous hall awaits us…

Finally, after all the poetic displacement, they reach the main hall of the palace where God is more intimately present.

I say more intimately present because God is everywhere, omnipresent. If you do not believe me, turn around… Smile! He is here!

Disappointed? I did not say you could see Him, but He is nonetheless, here, before us, in everything and in everyone. You may not be able to see Him, but I can, always, especially at this very moment. It is one of the many perks of having a soul and no body.

Yes, human, I am well versed in your ways! We angels have introspection into the past, present, and future, and even though you have not been created yet, I can see you, and I know you are attempting to see me too. With this account, it is my intention that you become well versed in my ways as well…

…Back to my story… The insides of the great hall, in Heaven, look like a post-modern Cathedral, with the grandest cupola above.

In the middle, there is an enormous, gold, and diamond box, which we call, “Tabernacle,” which is adorned with many, angel-trumpet, flowers. It is as big as a building, divided into three equal parts. This puts the magnitude of the palace into perspective. The hall is quiet, bright and colorful, stunning in its elegance and simplicity.

Gods’ Essence and Substance, if you will, is present in the gold, and diamond, tabernacle. The beautiful box is again simple, but decorated by the sign of God’s Essence, which are three indelible, parallel, lines (III).

The tabernacle is accompanied by a red-lit candlelight. The candle is lit, which means God is present in the palace. If the candle were turned off, it would mean that God’s Essence is not directly present in the box. I know, confusing, right? Not for me, though!

It is appropriate that God’s Essence is attached to the tabernacle. Usually, His Essence likes to become attached to living beings, to share with them His love. The truth is, I wish the majesty of God could simply be described as a, simple, tabernacle and an Essence, but for now, this is the only way you can understand the awesomeness of the Lord. For now! I like to call this presence, Divine Radiation!

The Gallants now stand in a straight line, humbly, before the tabernacle. More importantly, they are now in the, awesome, presence of God. They raise their eyes to His splendor. I am a few steps behind them, keeping my head reclined so as to revel in this reverent instant.

Their faces, clearly, face the Lord, and the detail of their complexion is more visible with the brilliant radiances of the palace. Their black, elegant, uniforms are a metal and latex hybrid, very tightly pressed to their skins. The covering of the Gallants’ armors, even on their wings, is an unusual texture, a combination of feathers and metal. Their wings shine with the glimmer of the bright lights.

So you can better understand, the Archangels are very handsome males; tall, muscular, very innocent looking, impeccable, but thick-combed hair. Their eyes match the colors of their weapons. I somewhat resemble them; except they are black and I am gray. My wings are short and their wings are much longer, and they are quite a bit taller. I have always thought this was appropriate because gray is a lesser shade of black. Just as I, a Cherub, am a much lesser angel than they, and the same can be said about our wings and height.

As all four Archangels stand, side-by-side, facing God, the first of the Gallants kneels, and his enormous, black wings expand. Now, it is the time where they can properly break the silence and pay their respects to the astounding Lord.

The first one to kneel is Satan, who had earlier landed with Raphael. I am ashamed not having given him his proper veneration as we walked. I was so distracted by Raphael and the, incredible, staff of souls, that it completely slipped my mind. I can now make up for my distraction and praise the Gallant of persuasion with the reverence that he is deserved.

Satan, with his thick eyebrows, says the word, “Serviam!” accompanied by the most reverent and pious genuflection.

Satan is distinctly recognizable by his beauty, but more for the stamp of a red trident on his chest. In his appearance, God got it right, the first time, with him! He is the lord of all things red. The red trident emblem on his chest resembles the light burning beside God’s tabernacle. This is the light, which he meekly stares at as he kneels in front of God.

I am thankful to Satan for many things… above all, for the attention to detail in my creation, which he assisted in the planning of. As the first Archangel, he also had the privilege of aiding God in His future plans to create his Gallant brothers. He even taught his Gallant brothers how to fly, patiently transmitting this trait on how to use their wings. He spared no secret and even allowed his siblings to be as good as him in their flying capabilities. It is said that he is the only one who can teach and convey this great gift, and perhaps he only grants his knowledge to the worthy ones. I am very happy the way I turned out, and what would Heaven be without its soaring Gallants? So many believe that they owe him a debt of gratitude, but really all debts of gratitude are owed to God.

Since he was the first to be created, for a long time, he had the pleasure of serving the Almighty all by himself, bearing great responsibility. Imagine having God, in His Trinity, all to yourself? I thought I was lucky right now, having God and the Gallants to myself, but my lesser honor cannot even compare to his privilege.

As God’s most beautiful Archangel, he is the one who attracted all of us to our vocations as servants of God, making our duties very enticing, and for this I am even more thankful because what would an angel be without the privilege of servitude? In serving, we become free.

Indeed, Satan’s powerful trident was pivotal in the construction of Heaven, giving all angels wonderful incentives for our service to God, and all the incentives he gave us were always well backed and fulfilled. He encouraged us, daily, to go above and beyond in our service, not just to the Almighty, but to himself too. In return, he promised us happiness, security, companionship, and brotherhood. For the most part, I think we are all pretty docile and not needing much persuasion, but his weapon, “The Trident of Persuasion,” is still a wondrous asset in God’s plans. Even though it was persuasion he instilled, I always saw it more as a privileged duty.

After my creation and after the heart-warming welcome into Heaven, by Raphael, I then had the pleasure of meeting him, my Gallant, Satan. It seems like yesterday that he used his extraordinary gold, silver, and red ruby trident, persuading me to live peacefully in God’s kingdom. I remember being disoriented and recall him helping give purpose to my existence. He promised me peace and blessings. So far, as you can tell, all his promises have been more than realized. He even persuaded us, the first angels, to construct and protect the city of Heaven, and we did it, following the Lord’s specific plans.

As you can see by now, I have been given the best four-way training anyone could ever hope for. No complaints from this Cherub! Every moment spent in my God’s and Gallants’ presence is like sweet nectar to a hummingbird.

To this point, God has always been well served by all His Gallants, yes, even Satan, I think? (He might have been putting up a front from the beginning). This is the image I have tried to portray… I hope you understand that I love all my superiors, very much, and I would do anything for them, especially my buddy, Michael, and of course, primarily, God.

One by one, the Archangels continue to genuflect in front of the golden tabernacle box.

The next Archangel, kneels, right next to Satan and professes the usual greeting, “Serviam.” It is my master, Michael, with his bright blue eyes.

Then, the subsequent Archangel, Gabriel, kneels next to Michael, hailing, “Serviam!” Bowing his head as he breathes passionately, his green eyes wide open.

The final, and youngest, Gallant, the purple eyed, Raphael, kneels next to Gabriel. He proclaims, “Serviam!”

The Gallants’ weapons are on their backs stored in sheaths, but after they all kneel, bowing their heads, with their hands extended, they present the weapons in front of them. They do this as an offering. It is a sign of fortitude and humility. With the slightest touch of their astonishing weapons, they become activated, intensely dazzling, exuding immeasurable power.

At the same time, they join in singing the most epic Alleluia and Amen hymn ever heard. They do this to praise and adore the Most Highest of beings, the One, True, Almighty, ever-living, God.

Their heads remain bowed. They know that the weapons they bear are theirs, but they also acknowledge that they are not worthy of ownership, they are just entrusted guardians and that God can take them away if He should choose to do so. They also know that they really have no power of their own because it is God’s power that is present in the weapons. Even though their weaponries are a big part of who the Gallants are, they are not materially attached, well… at least three of them are not attached…

The detail and precision in their weapons is now clearer to my gaze than ever. Seeing them now is as exciting as the first time I laid my gaze on them, as is the notion that I am that much closer to finding out the answer to why I have been summoned to this meeting. The anticipation grows with every instant…

Together, Satan’s three-tipped Trident of Persuasion, Michael’s crooked, Sword of Justice and Mercy, Gabriel’s double-angel, Shield of Good News, and Raphael’s twisted, Staff of Souls, are weapons of immense power, yielded by God to enforce His will. The Archangels are powerless without them. These four weapons are known as The Essences.

In one of the stories depicted on the walls of the palace, there is an unspeakable prophecy, which has also circulated among the choirs of angels… it involves the Essences… A prophecy of a dark time to come…

An unbelievable time of great strife and choosing… A fall and a falling out… The Essences will play a major role in this black foretelling. But above all, to stop this prediction from coming true, the Essences must never be separated from the Gallants. The Archangels must always remain united. He who possesses the Essences shall have the power of God, unite the angels and end this time of obscurity.

And even though there is a dark prophecy, we do not let it worry us or dictate our lives, although in retrospect, we probably should have!

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