When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 10

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Jimmy waited for Cassandra in the bath filled with bubbles. Sipping champagne from the mini bar. Cassandra arrived back early evening, full of excitement and gushing about the shoot. She undressed quickly and slipped in with him. She was beaming from ear to ear. She told him how they had travelled to the Tandil area, and had the airbase as a backdrop for alot of the shoot. She had met Gaucho’s and was amazed at their rugged and gentle nature. “Jimmy we must go and visit a ranch and spend some time in the pampas with the Gaucho’s......Pedro will take us.” Jimmy looked at her sternly. Cassandra flicked water at him giggling. “He’s a Gaucho from the shoot and older than Boris silly....Jimmy why are you always jealous of the men I talk to and stuff?...I married you silly..this is work and I won’t be able to do many more shoots Jimmy, I will be showing soon.” Once bathed they dressed and went down to the hotel bar. Mitch had been watching from his vantage point and slipped into their room. Once the coast was clear. He found Jimmy’s Pentax camera and changed the film over. To the one he had taken earlier during the shoot. He slipped out as carefully as he had gained entry.

“Where is Mitch Cassy?” asked Jimmy slurping his appletizer. Cassy shrugged she was busy watching the other guests. Enjoying the pre dinner atmosphere. “Gone onto Santa Fe for a week then home apparently, I told you just one shoot...I’m all yours now Jimmy.” Jimmy and Cassandra dined at the Casa Coupe and watched the tango in the square. Whilst they were enjoying the vibrant nightlife. Hans slipped into their suite and waited for them, after searching for what he had come for. He couldn’t find it. They returned full of excitement from the evening. Cassy swung Jimmy around in a mock tango only just managing to avoid his heavy feet. She smothered him in kisses, declaring her love for him. Jimmy smiled and said “Ditto.” He had a fleeting flashback there was only one other that he had said ditto to. As they fell into the suite their happiness was short lived. They were greeted by a figure in a white suit and panama hat.

“Greetings Stanovich or should I say Friend....and mister Collins.....my it’s been a little while old friend... My heartfelt congratulations I am so sorry I missed the occasion.” They both sat where the silenced pistol and his cold stare indicated. “This country has...... how can I say.....yes many many opportunities Mr Collins and many old friends sympathetic to ones predicament. And people say these are an uneducated people.” Carlos approached Boris who was waiting for him in the plaza. “ Señor que está allí con ellos.” Boris indicated for him to follow him into the alley. The bellhop held his hand out for his reward. “Go with God.” Boris shot him with the hidden pistol and pulled the body into the rubbish that filled the dark alleyway. He lit a cigar and headed for the hotel.

“We are going on a trip into the pampas….you will give orders to send your baggage onward to Venice...Yes indeed I know your itinery.... Mr Collins you have a letter of most importance for me.” Jimmy stared blankly, then he remembered the letter that he found in his jacket at the reception. “Cassy posted it the next morning Hans we haven’t got it.” Hans didn’t give away any emotion. He simply told them to dress quickly and follow him downstairs in five minutes. “Cassy we had better go along with him….at least for now till we can figure this out.” Boris watched them leave in the jeep and he followed them in his beat up pickup truck. Dawn rose across the pampas the low sun casting a magical light. The cold morning added to the spectacular sunrise. Under different circumstances it would have been enjoyed by the Collins’s.

Boris scanned the area with his snipers scope for a few minutes. He begun to get inpatient and started to worry for them. Wondering whether he had taken a wrong turn and missed them in the night. There he had him. Cassy and Jimmy were on their knees in front of a newly dug hole that had taken Jimmy the best part of the night to dig. Cassy was in tears beside herself and Jimmy clung to her. Hans stood in front of them smoking. “Again Collins…the letter if you please.” He slowly raised the pistol so it was level with Cassandra’s temple. “Hans I told you before…..we haven’t got it..Why don’t you leave her out of it this is between you and me....Hans let’s settle this between us.” Pleaded Jimmy. Hans was beyond impatient he was irritated and not used to having to wait. “Last chance….. the girl dies……. then you do too Collins so what will it be?” Jimmy was terrified no he was more than terrified. He was in sheer terror.

The crack came from nowhere. Hans fell head first into the hole. Boris was pleased with the shot. He was a sniper many years ago. Before he trained in other specialities. There were now only a few more, of his loose ends to tie up.

The Collins’s continued with their honeymoon in Argentina. Visiting many places and meeting many different people. At every major town, they seemed to bump into someone that they knew or knew of. After they had spent three weeks or so seeing the sights. All Argentina’d out they landed at Marco Polo airport. Both were full of excitement about visiting Venice. Of all the places on Earth, this was the one Jimmy most wanted to see. He had planned to come here with Jeanette but things didn’t quite turn out that way. They hadn’t gone unnoticed the shadowy figure made their way to the payphones.

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