When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 13

The seven bed roomed house in Oaktree drive was protected by a twelve foot wall. With glass embedded on the top as a deterrent. It was a present from Jimmy’s mother and the trust fund that his late father had set up for him. Tall trees and shrubs kept unwanted looks away. There were also heavy electric gates and security cameras everywhere. All the properties in the quiet cul-de-sac were also protected by Minsk Inc. The security company set up by Yuri and Boris. There had been a number of burglaries’ in the area, but after the toe rags were caught red-handed by the security guards, the problem went away. As did the perpetrators. The brutal and cold justice being dealt out by Minsk Inc had reverberated across the capital. The police were in two minds, one school of thought said leave them sort themselves out. Terrence Otter had been summoned by the heads of the underworld. They were villains alright, they even had a likeable old-fashioned roguishness. However they were troubled by the influx of Eastern Bloc criminals.

The gangs were brutal when they needed to be. However they had a code of honour. Which these new and growing gangs didn’t appear to have. To them life was dirt cheap. A phenomenon that would reverberate across the world in 1993. Terrence was more than just a joke. He was a connected joke and that was dangerous. Lord Rhys-Penfound sent Boris to accompany Terrence at a large villa on the Costa Del Sol. The villa was called La Playa at San Martin Del Tosorillo on the Rio Guardiaro. The underworld players weren’t afraid of new rivals. They were concerned about calibre of villain, that was now heading across Europe. A lot of them had Stalinist ideals and methods. They appeared to be brutal without any sense of honour or loyalty. Stealing from everyone and preying on the poor and desperate.

Jimmy and Cassandra had returned from their extended holiday to a whirl of publicity. Bernice had done her job well, they were assaulted by the gaggle of reporters. Jimmy hated it all the attention, Cassy was in her zone and loving it. She was pouting and posing. The final question fired at her stopped both of them in their tracks. “Is there any truth in the rumour that Costadinas Pestrovia is challenging paternity?” The good natured atmosphere changed in an instant. and the pack hunted them down. The two Italian bodyguards were busy shoving the press out of their faces none to gently. Security were also trying to calm down the situation. It was a reporters dream. Jimmy saw Scott slinking away with a huge grin on his face. “There is NO ISSUE WITH OUR UNBORN CHILD’S PATERNITY.” Shouted Cassy. “THIS MY HUSBAND IS FATHER.” Yuri met them at Gatwick in a black BMW that was gleaming in the sunlight. He and another heavy set man, quickly bundled them into the car. And sped away almost knocking over a couple of photographers.

“That fucking Mitch is sacked Cassy...friend or no friend what a bloody kerfuffle.” Cassandra clung to Jimmy and smiled. “Great publicity darling...and as they say any publicity is good publicity even bad.” Yuri bid them both welcome home with a grin. It took an hour through the London traffic to get to Oaktree drive. The house was magnificent a dream home. Jimmy quickly settled into his new role at Otters. His PA was an elusive type Alicia Shaunessy. Jimmy enjoyed the cat and mouse game he had with her. He never actually met her in the flesh. Spoke with her on the phone. But there always seemed to be a logical reason, as to why they never met. He had his own images of her in his mind. Ranging from the sublime to the downright ridiculous. Jeanette continued to use her actress and an Oscar performance she definitely put in. You could call it the performance of a lifetime.

Jeanette had found Wendy Bligh In a dingy club, in Soho dancing on tables. She was waiting for Terence and Yuri, to finish their business with the owner Billy Silk. She chatted to Wendy enquiring as to what she did in the real world. Over coffee, she discovered that she was a RADA trained actress. The wrong side of the monthly rent. Dancing in this speakeasy was easy money. If you could bear their greasy hands all over you. She was making more a night than most hardworking people did in a week. But it never did seem enough. As soon as her wage came in, it went out in the other hand. The interest on her loans were in excess of 300% . Jeanette offered her the role of Alicia. A few days later, after doing a little digging into her background. Wendy Bligh was tangled up in just a little more than table dancing.

This role would be a chance for her to start afresh and return to a modicum of normality maybe. They say that everyone has their price. Wendy didn’t come cheap. Jeanette bought all the markers on her debts, with a little persuasion from Lemmy and Yuri. They say having his legs broken was a stroke of luck for Billy Silk. He discovered a renewed interest in travel and all things legal. Mitch became her lover and agent. Cassy and Jimmy found a renewed interest in each other as the weeks passed. Their own space and security had possibly paid dividend. Finally Jimmy felt as if he were really married. Although she would never be a stay at home wife. Cassandra took a back step in the fashion world. Being the darling of the moment was all but a fleeting phase. Cassy intended to return to the catwalk after the birth. However she had an interest in design and promotions too. Jimmy however struggled with his new role. He wasn’t quite used to the relaxed life of a director. Having people do the things he used to do.

Following his meeting with the gang masters. Terrence kept him busy with meetings, here there and everywhere. He himself spent most of his time on the golf courses of Portugal and the Costa Del Sol, with the ex pat community. Surrounded by his team of bodyguards provided incidentally by Lemmy. His men were tough lads from the pubs, bars, traveller sites of the UK. They saw it as easy money, all the beer they could drink. A few deals on the side and you get to punch a few country boys in the process, without getting into trouble. He didn’t trust Rhys-Penfound. Despite earning a vast fortune. It was an arrangement that suited Lord Rhys-Penfound and his puppet masters at Whitehall. Movement of men, equipment, espionage the opportunities were limitless. For the time being at least, as long as Otters Ltd were useful. Life could be enjoyed and fortunes sought.

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