When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 15

Jeanette had decided to take the bull by the horns. If the mountain won’t come to Jeanette then she will go to Jimmy. It was becoming boring having to manipulate his destiny. Besides during this cold snap she only had the men she used for sex. To hold in the night and keep her warm. Jordan was never around during these trysts. He was packed off to Yuri or Aileen, even Gramps in Wales. Most people except Jimmy knew that Jordan was his. Jordan had even visited Aileen Collins with Lemmy on the odd occasion. She was going to surprise Jimmy and introduce him to Jordan. Wendy was away with Mitch and Terrence was moaning about the cold British weather. He had returned for a few meetings that he had to attend.

She had sensed his loss at the park and his yearning in Venice. Wendy had told her that he had been planning to leave Cassandra, in the search of Jeanette. The time was right not that there ever is a right time for these things. It was now or never. Jeanette had put her house up for sale. And was thinking about joining Terrence in Portugal for a while. She stormed into the warehouse. Jordan was in the car and had been promised the surprise of a lifetime. His comics and colouring books kept him amused.

“Who are you hen?” asked Alan. He was sat in Jimmy’s chair with his feet on the mahogany desk. Smoking a fat cigar, a glass of whiskey in his hand. Listening to the derby game Celtic versus Rangers. The match was belting out from the ghetto blaster atop the cabinets. Jeanette was a little taken at first. Alan kind of reminded her of Mark. Except Alan was stockier and definitely far more handsome. “Jimmy Collins?”

“Nah, he’s no hear hen...ken eye help?” he remained in his repose and shouted out obscenities at the radio. Rangers had just been given a penalty. “As ah sed chick who are ye an whit ye wanting with Jemmy just now has he not got enough woman trouble by the way?”

Jeanette smiled at him “Business.....personal business, where is he? By the way.”

“ Konfidenshul dearie more an ma jobs worth ya ken?” She grinned at the cocky man who had begun to shout “Ya proddy bairstards cheatin fuckers.” At the radio, he helped himself to a tot of Jimmy’s whiskey. “And it’ll be more than your jobs worth if you don’t tell me... I am Terrence Otters PA.” Jeanette had him by the scruff of his neck. “Now I’m going to say this nicely where is Jimmy?” Alan untangled himself, sat up and looked at her he liked her gall. And offered her a tot which she declined.

The radio screamed, the reporter went barmy. Rangers had just scored their second in as many minutes. Alan lobbed a well aimed shoe at the ghetto blaster. “Sorry...he’s away tae the horspital his wee wifey is horving his bairn.” Jeanette thanked him and left the office. She turned and smiled at his “Ho hen if yeve nairthin on later...fancy the pictures?”

“Sorry I’ve a plane to catch.” As she left she heard the ghetto blaster smash against the floor. Rangers had won the match 5-1.

“Where’s the surprise mummy?” Jeanette pulled away from the warehouse.

“We are going to Disneyland darling.” Jordan was beaming. Excitement was written all over his little face. He had been talking about Disney constantly. After watching an advert on Channel four during Sesame Street.

“Mickey mouse mummy and dumbo too?....really mummy really?”

“Yes son Donald duck and the big killer whales at SeaWorld it will be lovely... two weeks in Orlando. Just you and me.” Jordan made her promise that they would be bringing back a Mickey for Yuri and a Daffy duck for Lemmy. Although he would have preferred a Bert and Ernie. That was his secret nickname for Lemmy and Yuri.

Boris was pacing outside St Thomas’s hospital puffing like a train on his Turkish cigarettes. “Will you sit down Boris you are making me nervous I’m the one having a baby.” Quipped Jimmy. Lemmy too was smoking like a southbound freight train.

“Go on son we will be up in a bit.” He calmly said to him. It wasn’t the birth that troubled Boris. It was the DNA results. Although he had promised not to hurt Jimmy. He knew he had to get rid of him. Boris had come to like Jimmy, several times he had set him up to disappear. And each and every time he had walked away. A man that blessed was surely one to respect. It pained him that Cassandra too would have to go. He would spare the baby. The baby would have the best of everything. Education, riches you name it this he vowed. Boris couldn’t deal with Rhys-Penfound he was the establishment.

Lemmy and Yuri would be easy to dispose of. They would languish in some foreign Jail. Then he could slip away under the radar and live out his retirement in comfort. When Jimmy went back inside, he called Yuri from the payphone in the entrance. He told Lemmy to stay put, Jimmy was family there was trouble at one of the yards. He would see to it. Back in the delivery suite. All was certainly not well with the new mother to be.“Vy absolyutnoy gryaznyy ublyudok Dzhimmi Kollinza. Derzhis’ podal’she ot menya!”

She howled and screamed at Jimmy in both Russian and English. The sweat poured off her she was like a demon possessed. She threw her wedding ring and her watch at Jimmy. “You stay away from me you fucking bastard....I Hate you.” She yelled at him. Jimmy was stunned. The staff were used to all kinds of things during labour. But here was Cassandra Friend and her husband. The delivery team were trying to hide their grins and smirks. A photographer waited outside.

After a bit more of her howls, she turned on the hospital staff. Screeching for them to get it out of her. It was at this point that the consultant placed a fatherly hand on Jimmy.“I think you need a break this could take a while son....we will call you.” He was ushered out quickly of the delivery suite. Jimmy heard the consultant telling his team that this baby needed to come now. Jimmy burst into tears the emotion was just too much for him. He sat in a waiting room full of other fathers. Some gave him reassuring looks, others were just as fraught. At five past twelve bang on time A newborn girl screamed her first breaths. She weighed in at a healthy 7lb 4oz. Jimmy was called back in. He cried as he held the small dark eyed bundle that was frowning at him. She was the most beautiful and precious thing he had ever seen. He handed her back to Cassy and she began to howl immediately.

The consultant shook Jimmy’s hands and asked him to open his mouth. He took a swab from his cheek. “Precautionary we do this for all new dads.” he was reassured. The emotional Jimmy was beaming through his tears. He hugged his wife who was holding the screaming baby, that could smell milk. “Hello Allessandra Ellen Aileen Collins” she purred. Jimmy left so she could be transferred to the ward and get herself tidied up for the photos for Gossip magazine. “Where’s Boris?” He asked Lemmy who had smoked his way through his cigarettes. “Trouble at one of the yards he and Yuri had to dash off they will be back soon.” Jimmy was beaming from ear to ear he was walking in the clouds. “So?” asked Lemmy. He was anxious to know the news and a little impatient. Why the child chose to arrive at this ungodly hour he didn’t know. “You’re an Auntie Lemmy...I must ring mum I will be back in a bit.” Lemmy let out a whoop and crushed Jimmy in a bear hug. They were both laughing and grinning and dancing around. The photographer captured the moment. Jimmy went off to call his mother and Lemmy dashed to the 24hour florist. To buy the biggest bunch of flowers and a pink balloon. Aileen Collin’s screamed her happiness down the phone. And was full of asking after Cassandra’s wellbeing. Across London at the Public Health Laboratory. Next to Colindale hospital where It had all begun for Jimmy. Boris waited anxiously pacing like a caged tiger.

An hour after the swabs had arrived he had the news. “What does this all mean?” He asked impatiently. The doctor who had just received a large wad of cash smiled at him. “Ninety eight point six percent match. This man is the child’s father.” Boris crushed his hand and almost shook his arm off. Beaming the widest grin he felt a huge sense of relief. “Thank you ninety eight percent is good enough for me.....but wait....what about the other two?” The doctor smiled. “Anything over ninety is one hundred percent. The two percent are cells from the mother, possibly another man. Congratulations and thank you for the donation.”

At visiting time the next day, Jimmy helped to change the nappy. He wasn’t prepared for the excrement that hit him. And the force of which it shot out of her. The midwife showed him how to attach the disposable nappy. And laughed at him a little, she did warn him to be quick. “Cold air love happens all the time.” Boris came into the ward with a huge teddy bear and flowers. He hugged Jimmy for what seemed a little too long. Boris shook his hand vigorously “Why don’t you get a coffee for me?” Jimmy skipped past Yuri who also shook his hand. “Stanovich the child is his.” Cassandra cried and held Boris, she really sobbed into his chest. “rasslabit’sya moy rebenok vse eto budet.” he softly said wiping away her tears. He kissed her on the forehead and hugged her again. His eyes were shinning and he was laughing. Cassy giggled too out of relief “You little fertile bastard Jimmy Collins and a bloody good job too.” She was hugely relieved, she knew that Boris wouldn’t really keep his word if the child wasn’t Jimmy’s.

It was his training and the world he lived in. Dark and sinister, double cross and lies were plentiful, where life was just so very cheap. In the end it was everyman for himself, leave no trail. She had enough money put by and saved to disappear back to the motherland. It was the last place he would even think to look. Considering the risk they had taken in leaving Eastern Berlin. Only a fool would return and risk facing the wilds, of Siberian Gulags at the very least. But she wouldn’t be able to save Jimmy too. Her plan was to leave Allessandra behind with Jimmy, even Boris wouldn’t hurt him not with the child around she thought. None of that was even necessary now. Boris held Allessandra up he was to any who saw, a proud and happy grandfather “My beautiful girl.” he said “Novaya zhizn’ dlya novoy ery moyego malysha prekrasno.” A new life a new baby for a new era.

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