When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 16

Jeanette saw the photos in the Gossip magazine she bought. From the magazine stall at Sandford International Airport. She managed to hold her feelings in check but only just. Jimmy looked like any new father, high on the love for his newborn. Everything would be roses and tip toe through the tulips. Until the reality of sleepless nights crept in. By the sounds of it, Cassandra would be handing that problem over to her new au pair. A short and stocky German girl by the name of Helga Grossetard. She looked like an athlete from the former GDR track and field team. No neck, huge bust and thighs that would crush walnuts. All muscle with ice cold beady blue eyes. There wouldn’t be any need of a guard dog with Helga around. On the one hand she was pleased for him. But on the other she hated him and loved him. And missed him all at the same time.

She felt a great emptiness and pain as she watched their sleeping son in his buggy. He wouldn’t have what this innocent little girl, would have with Jimmy. At least not for now. Jeanette called Yuri to let him know that she had arrived safely. It was quarter to eleven in the evening where she. Was but quarter to four the next morning for a tired and half asleep Yuri. Jeanette knew that she had lost Jimmy for now maybe for good. But where there is hope she intended to hang in there. She would create business opportunities for him. In order that he provided enough for both Allessandra and Jordan. A good education etc. She intended to have her man. Particularly as his third child was developing inside of her. She had received the test results the day Allessandra was born.

That is what prompted her to go and see him. This time it would be right. As she flipped through the posed snaps. She felt a deepening of her hatred for Cassandra. Nobody should look that good. After 18 hours of labour and a ventouse delivery. She telexed Wendy to run a secretary vacancy in a few of the local rags. She wanted the stereotypical bimbo for the role. All boobs hair and teeth and nothing much else. She had told Bernice that only good looking girls need apply. She hoped that Jimmy would be coerced into an affair at the very least. On her return she would be meeting her nemesis as Alicia Shaunessy. Over a lucrative deal she was brokering. For now Disney World was calling. She needed to regroup plot and think.

Allesandra’s Baptism was a lavish affair. The service took place at St Werburghs. Aileen Collins was delighted. And the baby wore the baptism gown that Jimmy and countless of others had from his family. This was much to Cassandra’s annoyance. Jimmy stood his ground though. He told Cassandra that as he had married her in the Russian Orthodox Church, it was only fair. That the baptism took place at a place he chose. She didn’t talk to Jimmy for weeks. It was only after a meeting she had with Alicia Shaunessy, that she capitulated. The party afterwards was to be her domain and hers alone. No ifs no buts and costs were up to her. Jimmy struggled with this new twist at first knowing how extravagant she can be.

Their house in Oaktree drive had been redecorated top to bottom. Several times within a few months. Different designers cast their spells. Jimmy wasn’t bothered really as he retreated to the cottage in Lomond. Mitch had told him that it was for sale shortly before Allesandra’s birth.

He had spent a dirty weekend away with Wendy up there. And discovered it was on the market. That was the first thing that Jimmy bought. He then with the help of Lemmy, being as he was an authority on interior design. Begun to renovate and modernise the cottage. Lemmy loved the area and showed Jordan how to poach and tickle fish in later years. Cassandra hated it there, it was always too cold, too hot too this and too that. It was his and Allesandra’s escape.

The Godparents were another stumbling block. Boris had suggested a few names. It seemed that everyone had an opinion. Boris and Conor a quiet Irish Traveller were the Godfathers. Aileen insisted that her family’s’ roots were not to be forgotten. And Conor was a quiet and good lad. Destined one day to become a doctor. Some said it was an unusual choice. As normally fighting or agriculture was how the men made their money. Mary Travials one of Cassandra’s hangers on and Olga Schultz were the Godmothers. St Werburghs was jammed to the rafters. The priest Father Mahalaney was delighted at the size of the collection. And subsequent donations that encouraged him to allow the service to take place.

A hard line Catholic he was very loathe, to allow the baptism in the first place. Seeing as Jimmy hadn’t been to mass for a while. It was probably the thought of a little lost soul that swayed him. Plus the fact the bishop had called him and advised him to accept the funds. That would complete the restoration of the roof, as a gift in good faith of course. He did draw the line at photos being taken during the service. The party took place at Rowton hall. Everyone who was anybody was there it was a who’s who of the young and upcoming. Paparazzi were clambering over each other to get the perfect photo. Gossip had the exclusive rights to the big feature.

During the gathering Jimmy got talking to Jo. Both were delighted to see each other. She was blissfully happy as Lady of the Manor. Marcus was gradually taking over the estate. He was a doting father to the twins, and strangely enough he only had eyes for Jo. He still attended therapy on a weekly basis on the insistence of Jo. “Oi dickehead..” She said as she nudged him “You owe me a holiday in Berlin.” Bernice landed at JFK 4pm our time. She and Scot were like kids in a chocolate factory. New York didn’t quite know what was about to be unleashed on them.

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