When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 17

It was whilst in Disney World that Jeanette felt the cramps. The pain was excruciating Just like in London. Jordan was aware that something wasn’t quite right with mum. Normally he would be content to go off with the Mickey Club. He loved the attention the Americans were lavishing on him. And the fun he was having with his new friends. Jeanette was snappy with him that morning and Jordan was clingy he decided that he needed a day off. He wanted just to do nothing with mum. She managed to get him to dress and bundled him off to the club. There was many a tear and a huge tantrum definitely all Jimmy she decided and maybe too much television. It was all she could do to ride the waves of nausea and pain dealing with a brat was not on her agenda.

Once he was safely with the club to explore the Disney attractions. Jeanette went to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for children. She hadn’t thought about medical emergencies, when alone with Jordan. She had been wrapped up in her own little world. And this brought her down to earth with a jolt. How could she have been so stupid and careless? The doctors confirmed her suspicions. She declined their attempts to admit her for a few days. The d&c would take place in a few days. Luckily Jeanette had planned an extended holiday. She would stay at the resort till after the d&c then onto New York. To check out Bernice’s new apartment. She needed a hug and was all too pleased to hold her son. Who had spent the day with the dolphins and killer whales. At the SeaWorld part of the resort. As Jeanette cried in the night a shooting star tracked across the sky.

Jimmy woke with a start, looked around himself and found he was at the office. Christ Cassandra will kill me he thought. A few days later in Scotland Cassandra was a just complete embarrassment. She criticised absolutely everything about the cottage. The decor the workmanship, the weather everything. She was very rude to the locals in Tarbet where the cottage and the fourteen acres of land. That came with it was nestled by the shoreline. Jimmy was chuffed with his Macgregor tartan. Swishing his kilt around, he wasn’t a Scot but felt like a Laird. He wasn’t going to let Cassandra spoil his mood. He and Lemmy had worked hard on the restoration. Jimmy had employed locals to complete the work. He held a grand bash for them at Boturich Castle.

Allessandra was dressed in a mini Macgregor tartan set too. Jimmy left a hefty tip at the Weavers coffee shop. He hoped it would somehow ease the tensions that she had caused. Cassy had been rude and uncouth, to the waitresses and the owner. Jimmy was sure that Cappuccino didn’t have a greenish tinge to it. He loved the area and the tweeness he loved the people. Who were a little suspicious of him at first. He set up a trout and salmon farm with Lemmy’s help in later years. Lemmy and Yuri retired from the city life. To look after things. Boris and his cronies loved the area too. He did have memories of Lorna but they were only fleeting. He enjoyed his time spent with Cassy and Allessandra there. Despite her hating it and trying to find an excuse to leave. Every time they were there. Cassandra preferred the city life. She had herself a small flat in Mount Florida Glasgow. Her school of design and fashion house, was doing very well at Langside College. She spent alot of time and effort there, when she wasn’t commuting on the fashion show trail.

The accident she had on the runway at a show in Birmingham when Allessandra was six ended her career as a catwalk model. The eight inch heels were a walking disaster. Halfway down the runway, strutting to the Petshop Boy’s Fashion. Cassandra still worked as a photographic model on occasion.

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