When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 2

Jeanette had returned to work at Otters, after a fairly long break. She had tried being a stay at home mum. Jeanette needed to work. She worked at the warehouse on the river, instead of the yard. She couldn’t risk bumping into Jimmy. But the thrill of the pair of them working together but not meeting. Was almost too much to bear. Her alter ego Alicia Shaunessy was in place and playing her part very well indeed. Jeanette had safeguards in place to prevent Jimmy meeting her in person. Terrence was pleased to see her back. The office had become a doss house. For bored drivers waiting for their loads and mostly a social club. In truth he was afraid of his new employees and partners. But he knew that Jeanette wasn’t and would sort things out. Even Yuri wasn’t loyal to him anymore if he ever was at all. Terrence had tried to reacquaint himself with former underground contacts. They wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole. Mainly because of the Eastern Europe connections. But also they thought that he was trying to muscle in on their territory.

Big Charlie and Jimmy Choi’s demise was the stuff of gangland legend. Terrence Otter was a man that wasn’t to be trusted. At least if you wanted a long and healthy life that is. Jordan was growing away and the doppelganger of Jimmy, a real mini me. Yuri spent alot of time with him and he loved the gruff giant. He needn’t fear anyone with Yuri around. He did ask if was he was his father. The first thing that she did was to clear the drivers out. And give them their own area. Complete with drinks machine, television and a snooker table. Jeanette was pleased as she knew that she need never be afraid of anyone. With Yuri as her guardian angel. Jeanette was also delighted that Cassy had started modelling. It meant that she would be away from Jimmy. And she hoped that in time he would forget her. Jeanette knew that the fickle and fake world of the media and paparazzi. Would snap her up. Hopefully she would just disappear with any luck. Or maybe get herself in the family way and disappear somewhere. Under that rock she came from with any luck.

Mitch Macclesfield was a naughty former public school boy type. Who frequented the card games, which Terrence ran on a monthly basis. Silly money was won and lost. The games were held very secret. And the security was tighter than looking after the Queen. Very prominent people, mixed with very dangerous people at these games. He lost heavily and Jeanette, arranged for his debts to be waived. In repayment for jobs for her and Otters Ltd. His family had a country seat in the north west of Scotland. And he had connections in the halls of power. Mitch Macclesfield belonged to Terrence Otter, however Terrence was Jeanette’s bitch. She only had to give Yuri the nod and the Russian giant would extract revenge.

Boris had told her that Jimmy, was needed for a job in Berlin with Cassy. It would be one last caper. In return Boris would ensure that Cassandra and he disappeared. He hadn’t decided what to do with Cassy yet. But he had a fortune to live off and his own empire to carve out. She had arranged for Mitch to be there too, just to keep an eye on things. And hopefully befriend both Jimmy and Cassy. The eventual plan was for him to seduce Cassandra. Leaving the way clear for her to claim Jimmy for herself. Best laid plans and all that. The first Berlin trip hadn’t quite turned out how she planned it. Cassandra had certainly put pay to that. Jeanette remembered the look that Cassandra had given her. And read into the intention. However Jeanette wouldn’t forgive or forget, she could bide her time if she needed to. But she was becoming a little impatient. To have her man so close and not be able to hold him. Was tearing her apart and making her bitter.

Jimmy waited for Cassandra’s flight at Berlin. He was wearing dark glasses and a blue beanie hat. Hoping to blend in with the crowd. Trying not to draw attention to himself, he scanned the airport for Hans. He wasn’t happy about being here, as he remembered Hans’s parting words. To most people he was just another traveller. However there was a pair of eyes, watching him from the coffee shop. He hadn’t seen Cassy for a few weeks and was looking forward to seeing her. She had called him and written to him, her letters were full of love and teasing. She arrived on the two o’clock flight an hour after he had done so. They embraced like lovers do and went to find a hotel. The Konigsberger was a five star establishment plush, very expensive. And full of exquisite and ornate furnishings. They were booked in under Mr. and Mrs. Smith in room 3201 on the fourth floor.

“Couldn’t you have been a little more original?” Asked Cassy giggling at him, they followed the bellhop up the stairs. Jimmy grunted, they were climbing the stairwell. Because Jimmy didn’t cope very well with confined spaces such as lifts. When they arrived at the suite and what a suite it was, more like a large apartment. The bellhop hung around outside the door uncomfortably with his hand out. Jimmy smiled and shook his hand said thanks and closed the door. Cassy burst into laughter “Jimmy you were supposed to tip him....what am I to do with you, you strange Englishman?” She teased. At Gossip magazines offices in Enfield, Jeanette had a meeting with Bernice. Boris had asked her to deal with the forthcoming expose. Into the fickle world that Cassy was now working in. As a personal favour. Jeanette had plans for the repayment of it and yes it would be very expensive.

“Jeanette...lovely to see you babes...”Jeanette returned the air kiss that everyone was doing now. “Wow you are looking well..I see you got rid of that baby weight eventually..... looking good girl.” Jeanette returned her hug and continental kissing but without touching the face. “Yes...it wasn’t too hard thankfully but he’s not a baby now...Bernice we must talk business...I am in need of a favour.” Bernice was intrigued.“Sounds ominous...please take a seat...tea? Or something stronger?” Jeanette sat on the sofa in the office.
“Tea is fine.” Bernice called Scott on the intercom and ordered two teas. Bernice had done remarkably well for herself since her graduation. She had gone in a totally different direction. Putting her love of gossip to good use so it seemed. Jeanette was quite impressed, although she wondered about the people Bernice would have blackmailed to gain this. She knew that Bernice wouldn’t be averse, to sleeping her way into a position of power. Bernice wasn’t averse at sleeping with either sex, if it got her what she wanted.

She remembered how Jimmy had always disliked her. And intimated that, she would sleep her way to the top. She was much too far twisted, to have a man of her own. Besides it was much more fun to have someone else’s. You give them back when finished with. Bernice did sleep with their tutor after all. They sat swapping small talk, they hadn’t seen each other since the graduation party. A whole lifetime of adventures had passed since then. Bernice knew that Jeanette had become sneaky and evasive. And was interested at what she had been involved with. She had missed out on an absolute scoop on Tiffany Otter. Before she died in that tragic accident. She knew that Jeanette had all the information but had kept schtum.

“What are we here for Cassy?....it’s dangerous for us, even more so now that the wall is down. People could be looking for us....remember Hans? Or have you forgotten the scar on your arm from the glass he shot at?” Cassy grinned at him from behind the sumptuous queen sized bed.”We are on holidays....silly...no Jimmy...seriously we have a job to do here. Only a little one and I needed to get away from Edinburgh....problems with publicity.... and my love I wanted some proper time with you...we haven’t seen each other for a while.”
“Oh!” replied Jimmy with concern. He didn’t like Boris’s little jobs they often always involved danger. Trouble and danger had a habit of finding him like a moth to a naked flame. Particularly since he got involved with Marcus. “What’s the job?”

Jeanette winced as she said the words. She could see the orgasmic delight in Bernice. As
she realised that she would be having a scoop, that no other paparazzi would be able to get. “Drop the Edinburgh fashion shoot scandal....and I will get you exclusive access...to Cassandra friends forthcoming engagement party...and in turn her wedding....but Bernice I retain all rights.”
“Wow... how could you get that gig Nette?” Bernice was positively drooling.

“She is marrying someone we both know....Jimmy Collins.” The name was said with so much venom and hate, that it rocked a normally unflappable Bernice. The normally devilish Bernice shuddered as a cold chill ran down her spine. She looked at Jeanette with a renewed view, this woman was dangerous. There was more to this than met the eye but Bernice wasn’t quite that brave enough to find out however she would in time. This could be the caper to set her up for life. After all if you lay with a viper, expect to get bitten. Bernice wasn’t likely to tangle with Jeanette. She scared her and it was the look in her face that warned Bernice to be very careful indeed.

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