When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 3

Bernice didn’t speak for a moment, her mind was racing. Plotting and creating, her eyes lit up with an impish smile. “ Fuck off Nette...Jimmy?......Jimmy Collins?...... Your Jimmy....wow....how did he get with her?....she’s the next best thing since Eloise Campbelstein.” Headlines, deals, scandal, book and film rights. Were running around her brain. Bernice could plan her luxurious retirement. With the money she could generate with this caper.“Long story it would bore you Bernice.” Replied Jeanette as she got up to leave the office. “Nette...please do tell.” She was interrupted by Jeanette’s dismissive wave. Bernice knew when not to push her “Don’t be a stranger darling....we must do lunch and soon.....Nette take care.”

Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, thought Bernice. She watched Jeanette storm away knocking over Scott, as he came into the office. Bernice patted the settee for him to sit next to her. “Scottie darling...You look pale..... You need a break and I hear that Berlin is nice this time of year.” Scott looked blankly, he was a little put out by Bernice’s sudden concern for his welfare. Normally she behaved like the alpha female and he danced to her tune. “You are flying to Berlin for a while, go and pack.... call me from Berlin when you land..... here take the card....oh Scottie I will deduct any stupid purchases from your salary. remember darling I know everything.”

Cassandra and Jimmy went down the stairs. To head for the cafe where they both first met. Jimmy had been running errands nearby. Horror of horrors Jimmy noticed the concierge that had just come on duty, and pulled Cassy to one side. “Look...It’s Marcus...” he hissed. She looked at Marcus. “That is why we are here amongst other things...we are to take him back.”
“He tried to kill us...no fucking way besides the government will get him back if they
wanted him.” Replied Jimmy and his jaw was set firmly with a deep frown.
Marcus noticed the couple and ambled over to them. Jimmy thought he was going to faint with fear. Remembering the last time that they had seen him. It was definitely not on good terms that’s for sure. Cassandra still bore the scars. “Good evening Mr and Mrs?”
“Smith .” gushed Cassandra immediately going into flirt mode.

Cassy appreciated good looking men and Marcus was very good looking indeed. Marcus had no inkling of who they were, which troubled Jimmy. He wondered what had happened to him or was he playing them. “Are we looking for a place to eat? I can recommend our brassiere here at the Konigsberger...the fish courses are to die for....and the cheesecake is simply....mmmm....exquisite.” Marcus smiled and yes, there didn’t seem to be any recollection in his face whatsoever. “We are eating out tonight.” Snapped Jimmy pulling Cassy away from Marcus and heading out of the entrance. Marcus followed to open the door. “Please if there is anything you require...ask for me at the concierge....my name is..”
“Marcus” interrupted Jimmy. Anxiously looking around for Hans, Marcus frowned then whistled and a cab soon arrived. As he ushered them both toward the exit he paused a while and replied. “Have we met before....Mr Smith?” He still showed no inkling of knowing who they were, or was he playing games? Marcus stood there with a smarmy grin on his face. His eyes flicked to Cassandra and Jimmy saw the delight in his face as he looked at her. It was all he could do not to smack him one right on the chin.“No I don’t think so Marcus....this Hotel was recommended to us and your name was mentioned.”
“Thank you I am glad we have had a good review....we aim to please sir...have a good
evening.” Marcus watched them leave well, he watched Cassandra. She knew he was looking and exaggerated her walk for him. Thrusting out her hips in the pony trotting way that models use to walk along the runway.

Over a schnitzel and fries at the cafe where they first met. Cassy and Jimmy were in the middle of formulating a plan. On how they were to bring Marcus home. The streets were packed with people, mainly from the western side of the city. Taking the opportunity, to visit the eastern side of the city. The wall was systematically being taken down. Chunks of it were being sold as souvenirs. And the resident Soviet brigade had left, during a large pomp and circumstance ceremony. A huge show of force reminding the western powers. That despite the unification process of Germany. They were still a force to be respected and contend with. Well as long as the Czech’s and the Poles remained loyal to them.

“I could seduce him and get him to follow me back....have a public row with you and stuff...you knock him out and we head to the airport.”
“I don’t want his grubby paws on you...besides Cassy I’m sure that there are laws about kidnapping here too.” Cassandra shrugged. It wouldn’t have been the first time she was a honey trap. Marcus was quite a dishy man, so it wouldn’t really have been that much of a hardship for her. “Well he isn’t going to just believe your story that he is Marcus...maybe he thinks he is someone else, doubt he will come back with us.....he has obviously had his memory erased somehow...Jimmy we are only here for a few days before I have to go to Milan.... Boris is adamant this is done soon.” They were disturbed by Mitch Macclesfield who approached their table with the enthusiasm of a Labrador puppy. He even had his doleful eyes and was wearing a stupid schoolboy grin.

“Hi....sorry I err...expect you get this all the time...are you.... Cassandra Friend?” Cassy beamed at him much to Jimmy’s distaste. “Yes....yes I am.” She was in raptures she had emerged out of Eloise Campbelsteins’ shadow at last! Eloise was the fashion worlds darling. Cassy was prettier by far but had to learn the diva like behaviour yet. “Mitch...Mitch Macclesfield....my card...I’m in fashion too.” Cassy was beaming from ear to ear she loved being noticed it did her ego good. “Please...do join us this is Jimmy, Jimmy Collins.”
“Not Jimmy Collins from Otters Ltd?”
“Erm....yes.” Jimmy found himself shaking his hand.
“Do I know you?”
“Not me but papa he does alot of business and goes on about a Jimmy Collins....he’s the man that can papa says.” Jimmy hadn’t a clue what he was on about he was a glorified tea boy really and didn’t really get involved with the running of the business. But he too had an ego and was enjoying the praise. His role at Otters was not what he had envisaged. Jimmy had a hunkering to return to the medical industry and pick up on his degree.
However he had a feeling that this escapade would put a spanner in the works. He was suspicious of this likeable chap who was drooling over Cassandra and gushing nonsense. After a few drinks the conversation came around to how to smuggle someone out of the country.

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