When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 4

I reckon the silliest way is to get someone to be rolled up in a carpet and put on a truck.” Said Mitch. Cassandra gave Jimmy a sharp kick under the table, she could see he was about to question him and elaborate as to why he thought it a good idea. Tried and tested and all that. “Err.....why would that be Mitch?”

“Well....I mean obvious isn’t it....it would take alot of bribery and I’m sure bayonets would be thrust into them or x-rayed.” It was a good job that Mitch was gazing at Cassandra. Jimmy’s look would have given the game away.

“Oh well yes I suppose so.....Mitch how would you do it....Jimmy’s carpet idea is still a good one though if not complicated.” Mitch smiled got up and went to the bar and ordered some more drinks. Jimmy noticed the coupe two tables away were taking an interest in their conversation. One of them looked remarkably like Scott however it couldn’t be.

Scott was afraid of being more than two metres away from Bernice. Jimmy could spot that little witch a mile away and she wasn’t here. “Cassy.....careful” he hissed nodding toward the couple who were looking over. Some of the Stasi had joined the west German secret service. A lot had gone with their soviet brothers and others just dropped off the grid altogether. Maybe they went into deep cover, who knows. But Jimmy didn’t fancy bumping into Hans anytime soon. Mitch arrived with the drinks and sat down. “I’ve been thinking....how about this one.....tranquilizers, then wrap the person in bandages and get the air ambulance service to fly them out....obviously you need passports etc.” The look on Cassy’s face gave Jimmy a sinking feeling. This was what they would undoubtedly be doing.

After they had talked themselves out. They made their way back to the hotel. Mitch said he would be in touch and had invited himself to dinner once they were all home. “Ok Cassy so how are we...” She interrupted him with a kiss, “Shhhh come now I have a plan, I need you to get this from somewhere maybe the uni?” She handed him a piece of paper with the words ketamine on. “Where will I get that? You know I can’t go to the uni and if you hadn’t noticed I’m not a horse trainer or a vet.”

“Marcus! Ask him...this is Boris’s plan.” Jimmy thought that was just a crazy idea getting the kidnap victim to supply the drugs. But then maybe it was crazy enough to work. Cassy took off her makeup, undressed and slipped into bed she grinned at him “What are you waiting for....come on Jimmy.” Jimmy was stunned although they had spent nights together, they never actually had full sex as it were. She always said she was waiting to get married. As Jimmy was special despite her coloured past she insisted that this was the real thing for her and it had to be perfect. “You mean??.....really?” She nodded and pursed her lips seductively.”But I thought that you wanted to wait till we are married.”


“Oh right then.”

“No silly yes....yes I accept your proposal.”

“But I haven’t..... And anyway you turned me down last time.” She interrupted him by pulling the covers back, and he got a right old eyeful. Jimmy had been averting his eyes purely out of being a gentleman and also because he was still very coy. Jimmy still couldn’t quite understand why Cassandra was interested in him. But he did have his suspicions and put those thoughts to the back of his mind. Recently they had had full sex but it was a rather swift meeting. Which in his mind didn’t count, he wanted a night of it and to wake up with the red haired goddess. “ Come, Jimmy let’s celebrate.... Boris will be so happy for us, order some champagne.”

Jimmy did just so but refused to come to bed as Cassy had asked. He pulled out the spare bed and tucked himself in “Let’s save it for the morning.” Cassy also had an ulterior motive she needed Jimmy to be in the paternal running. She had been late before due to her weight loss and illness. But she had unprotected liaisons with both Jimmy and the male model within hours of each other. It was just a few days before they had arrived in Berlin. For Jimmy it was a quick knee trembler in a motorway services. Which had made Jimmy feel used and kind of dirty. But it did leave him wanting more, he knew that Cassy would probably play with him. As what would a model want with him.

Jimmy was trying his utmost to acquire the sleeping drugs. Rather than involve Marcus and running about the city. By pure chance he had bumped into Helmut Steinwieger. One of the lab tech’s ,he had been friendly with. In exchange for a signed Polaroid photograph of Cassandra and invite to the party that they would hold. He gave Jimmy some addresses to go to. Whilst this was all going on, she had sauntered over to a photo shoot for Nike. Whom were using the wall as a backdrop. Who just happened to be there really convenient? Her lover Costadinas Pestrovia a hunk of manliness, very good looking, sculpted and desirable. However a bit lacking in the brain cell department. So they did what they always did, in the loo between shoots.

Jimmy had raided the mini bar back in the hotel. After almost bumping into Hans in the foyer. Hans was talking to Marcus, Jimmy managed to slip past them. But he did over hear Marcus telling him. That a most interesting Cassandra friend was here, with a drip of a boy. Hans’s reply chilled Jimmy to the core. “Excellent they took the bait...keep them here in the city await my instructions...I shall be in Moscow tonight. If they try to leave kill the girl...but Jimmy Collins is mine, we have unfinished business.” By the time Cassy had returned, he was so plastered he wouldn’t have remembered a thing. If there had been an earthquake right there and then. Smiling she decided to take advantage of the inebriated Jimmy. Who wasn’t making much sense, babbling on about a double-cross. She was impressed with him though, most people can suffer from the feared brewers droop. No not our Jimmy. She helped herself, she hoped it was a false alarm her missed period, but decided to have a backup plan.

She foolishly thought that numbers would win out in the end. She did love Jimmy but sometimes more like a kid brother. But then he had a habit of sneaking up on you and getting under the skin. Although she had her dalliances with models, designers etc. She was falling genuinely for Jimmy. She loved his English awkwardness and stability. She only told Boris she loved him the last time they were here, to have leverage over him. She too didn’t want to end up being frozen and put through a shredder, then fed to the pigs. Cassandra discovered that Jimmy was a very tender. Yet inexperienced lover but he did have another thing going for him. As well as being a quick learner he had oodles and oodles of stamina.

The next morning Jimmy bumped into Marcus. And sheepishly asked him if he could get some ketamine. The running about he had been doing had indeed led him to contacts. However their prices were ridiculous. He told Marcus that it was for recreational use. As the side effects could give the user strong hallucinations. “Leave it to me Mr Smith” He said tapping his nose and winking at him.

“Marcus...we need it for tonight we are having a little party.......say why don’t you come too...it would be great?”

“Sorry..... Fraternising with the customers...just isn’t allowed and the management frowns on little parties.” Marcus gave his best nonchalant look which irritated Jimmy no end. Cassy was watching from the foyer and saw that things were not going well. By the way Jimmy was directing air traffic. Waving his arms about and drawing attention to himself. Jimmy just wasn’t very good at persuading people lately. She breezed in and flirted heavily with Marcus. By the end of their conversation Marcus had agreed to come. Particularly as he had his own ideas for the ketamine. With Jimmy asleep and out of it, he could have this fine filly to himself. Yes he would certainly enjoy this one.

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