When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 5

Marcus arrived at the suite in jeans and t-shirt. He breezed in with a couple of bottles of house wine, that he pinched from the hotel kitchen. He also slipped a bottle of pills onto the dresser table. There were other people there, mainly girls from the old whorehouse. Who Cassy had roped in and other young men, who were part of the Otters Ltd network. They were enjoying a rare break, from their business of smuggling dodgy electric goods. Cheap booze, guns etc. A few fashion types, a singer songwriter and a photographer who was busy snapping away. Madonna was singing like a prayer and Bobby Brown was using his prerogative. Jimmy didn’t like this music, he preferred to rock out to Guns ‘n’ Roses’ paradise city or the Cults’ love removal machine.

The party was in full swing in the large apartment like suite. Cassy greeted Marcus with a kiss on the cheek. And whispered something into his ear, that brought a wry smile to his lips. She grabbed Jimmy and pulled him into the bathroom along with wine pills and glasses. The large bathroom was acting as the bar. The large sunken bath was full of wine, brandy and vodka bottles, beer, and other spirits. “Here crush these up quickly” She hissed at him. Keeping an eye on the party through the slightly ajar door. “How many do you think?... you live in this lifestyle Cassy drink and drugs” retorted Jimmy.

“Oh I don’t know maybe enough to do what we need. Say four or five...you were the one who worked in a lab come on get with the plan.”

Christ thought Jimmy, that would knock an elephant over for a week. Jimmy poured a number onto the counter, crushed them and poured them into the wine. “Remember the one in the right hand is the spiked drink! Don’t for goodness sake forget.”At Berlins Otto Lilienthal airport. Air medical flight 239, touched down and began preparations for repatriorating an as of yet, unknown British citizen. Apparently badly burnt in an accident, in the south of the city a few weeks ago. However they were now well enough to return home.

At Melchior manor Lord Rhys-Penfound spoke into the receiver. “Ok and you are sure that it will work....yes I understand the plane has touched down but what about the backup plan.....no there will not be any mistakes do you hear me....good I will brief the medicos here.....oh and Boris remember he is my son I want him undamaged and I mean that.” Rhys-Penfound took a long sip of his drink. And paced nervously a while in his study. Jimmy and Cassy kept a close eye on Marcus. To see whether he was being affected by the cocktail, that Jimmy had prepared. He hadn’t put in such a dangerous dose as Cassy had suggested. But he reckoned enough to do the trick. An hour into the party Yuri arrived with a syringe and a vial of valium just in case.

Time was of the essence the plane would be refuelled soon. And would lose its flight window back to the UK. If things hadn’t of progressed quickly, the next available window would be at eleven the next morning. They only had a few very short hours to get to the plane. The shifts would have changed at the airport. And questions may have been asked, as to why the plane was there at all. Several palms had been greased to turn a blind eye to the plane’s flight plan. But they wouldn’t grant them another window without suspicion being aroused. If the flight took off after the allotted window of 2345HRS. They would be shot down. Probably by an American F16 from Spangdahlem Airbase. The NATO troops were edgy despite the fall of the wall. Marcus sauntered up to Cassy and whispered “ Mrs Smith I have taken care of Mr Smith with a little.......shall I say put me down... He should be sleeping like a baby before long...then we can party......I know you’ve been making eyes at me.”

Cassy shuddered and sure enough, Jimmy started to yawn. And it wasn’t long before he dropped off to sleep on the sofa. The idiot must have given Marcus the wrong drink. Or else Marcus is sneakier, than they had at first thought. She did the only thing she knew how to do and led Marcus to the bedroom. Yuri had slipped the vial and a syringe, with 5mg/5ml of valium ready to go into her purse. She managed to give him what she believed was the drugged drink. After they had sated his passions, Marcus was snoozing and Cassy quickly injected the serum, into an ample buttock. The effects should have taken at least thirty minutes. But Marcus had already had some ketamine in his spiked drink. He got up, swore at her then fell back onto the bed unconscious. Cassy quickly dressed and beckoned Yuri. He grabbed one of his men and they expertly and deftly, wrapped Marcus up like a mummy. Head to toe in bandages and snuck him out down the fire escape. That was next to the bedroom window to a waiting ambulance. That had been acquired by chance earlier that day. “What about Jimmy?” She hissed as she quickly changed into a nurse’s uniform in the back of the ambulance. Yuri shrugged “He will wake up with a very sore head. He still has the tickets doesn’t he?” Cassy nodded. “Then he will be fine here are your papers and passport.” The ambulance screamed out of the hotel complex and toward the airport. Lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Jimmy woke around ten the next morning with an almighty headache. “SHIT... SHIT.... SHITTY SHIT...... OH FOR FUCKSAKE!” he glanced around and saw the debris from the party. All the guests had left except a sleeping Mitch. Who was cuddling an empty bottle of Bollinger, as if it was his lover. Who the heck invited him wondered Jimmy? As he frantically searched for Marcus and Cassy. The almighty headache he had, wasn’t helping him move quickly. So he moved in slow motion instead, clawing his way around the suite. Every so often he would have a swearing fit, that a tourettes sufferer would be proud of. He was panicking. After half an hour the throbbing had stopped enough, for him to approach Mitch. “Wake up... we need to tidy up a bit help me....anyhow who invited you?” Mitch opened his eyes and grinned at Jimmy “Oh the beautiful.....Cassandra.” He gushed.

Jimmy frowned at him as he helped him up off the floor. “Well the beautiful Cassandra has done a runner and before you ask she is my beautiful Cassandra... we are to marry so grubby paws off.”

“Oh...so why has she left you here then?...I don’t suppose anything to do with this then?” Mitch gave the crumpled up magazine, that he had been sleeping on to Jimmy. The German edition of Gossip magazine had pictures of Cassandra splashed all over the front cover. She was draped provocatively over a male model. “BITCH!!!” The magazine quickly followed by a bottle of wine, was thrown across the room. Over a coffee that helped Jimmy calm down. He tried to piece together the night’s events. He had to get packed up as he was checking out at eleven. “Well Mitch she won’t be needing her ticket.”

“Ahh..... well....Jim I’m in a bit of a fix,” Said Mitch very sheepishly. “I’ve lost my ticket home...I don’t suppose...”

In the early hours of that morning, air medical flight 293 landed at Stanstead airport. The bandaged patient was quickly transferred to the private ambulance. And whisked away to Melchior manor. Marcus’s masters would want him, but Rhys-Penfound had pulled the old boy network chains. And managed to get him home, the debriefing etc would take place there. Cassandra and Boris were waiting for Jimmy, at Heathrow when he landed later that evening. He sauntered past them with his nose in the air. He was most annoyed. Mitch had been drivelling on about rubbish the whole flight over. He didn’t want to hear Cassy’s excuses. He still had a headache and the driest mouth. “Let him go....he will calm down.” Said Boris “I will speak with him....did you?”

“What do you take me for?”

“The whore you always were Cassandra Stanovich. “ He replied coldly, they walked out of the airport to the waiting car. “Well at least I am honest....not like these prissy little housewives living the perfect two point four life... we are all whores to some degree Prokikev.” Boris thrust a copy of the gossip magazine into her hands. She looked at the front page.” I thought..... that was... taken care of.” Boris looked at her.

“So did I....turn to page three.” Cassy did and shock horror, she saw and read about her trip to Berlin. She looked at the pictures of her and Jimmy at the cafe. A couple on holidays had spotted and recognised her. Taken pictures and sold it to the German office of the gossip magazine. “I will be announcing your engagement in a few weeks time, prepare for the party...and Cassandra .....stay out of trouble!” The look he gave her spoke volumes. She lifted her head and stormed off. Boris sighed she really was a magnificent woman. He smiled then went to find a telephone.

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