When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 6

Jeanette was just a little more than furious. She stormed into the London offices. And had Scott by the scruff of his neck in one hand, and a copy of the issue in the other. “WHERE IS SHE!!!.........BERNICE YOU LITTLE COW!! STOP HIDING BEHIND THIS LITTLE FAIRY” Bernice was glad of the large desk between her and Jeanette. She had never seen her so angry. Jeanette was shouting at her in what seemed to Bernice, a foreign language. There was literally steam coming out of her ears. Hands held up defensively she tried to calm the situation. After Jeanette had finally run out of things to throw at her, Bernice took control. “Nette......I have no control over our European friends....I’m sorry.......I will make sure I put in a complaint...heads will roll Nette I promise.”Jeanette stormed out absolutely furious. As she reached the office door she turned and smiled. “Bernice you can forget your exclusive.”

At Melchior manor Marcus was receiving treatment from doctors. And he was hidden away from all eyes. The doctors were sure that it was as simple as a hypnotherapy reversal. His mind had been completely wiped, of all knowledge of who he really was. To the establishment this was dangerous. Jo wanted a few extra memories planted in his head when he was reprogrammed. She was happy living there and the twins were growing at a rate of knots. She had her meal ticket and she was going to hang onto it. Besides she liked Lord Rhys-Penfound, he was a charmer. And if he was a few years younger well who knows. Bernice called Scott into her office “I want you to become acquainted with Jimmy again. Or his friends there is a scoop here somewhere. Maybe this time next year New York! And you my little Scottie will be with me all the way.”

Cassandra was distraught, in floods of tears. She had been sick and some of it had gotten onto her hair. Which made her cry even more. She was supposed to be in Cannes for the film festival on a shoot. She was in the full throw of a tantrum, by the time she had gotten through to Boris. They met at the Windmill hotel in Cricklewood. Just yards from Kilburn tube station. On the bed three home pregnancy kits, all said the same thing. “Well Stanovich there is a slight situation. I would of thought that you of all people, would have been careful.” He said calmly. Cassy was sat on the bed in a heap staring at the tests. She held herself and rocked gently. Her tear strewn face and panda eyes staring at the results. “Blood test?” she asked still rocking. Boris put his arm round her, she clung to him and wept. He held her tenderly like a father as she cried her heart out. “No Stanovich they are 99% accurate. I will speak to Jimmy.”

“No there are two others maybe...Oh Boris I have been so foolish.” Boris gently patted her head and stroked her hair. As he did so he unconsciously muttered an old lullaby that seemed to calm her. As he was thinking ahead as to what to do. What tangled webs we weave he thought. “We will keep with Jimmy, there is a test we can do when the baby has been born...he is dependable.” Cassandra looked up at him and nodded. Boris gently kissed her forehead and got up to leave the room. “Don’t hurt him Boris.”

“And if the child turns out not to be his?”

“I will leave him in time when things are right.” He nodded at her pleading face.

We have announcements to make, tidy yourself up Cassandra.”

Boris smiled and left Cassy to tidy herself and gather her thoughts. Monte Carlo will just have to wait for a while. Jimmy had been at the warehouse on the Thames. Waiting for Yuri and Mitch, who had begun to work with Otters Ltd in advertising and PR. Boris came into the board room and closed the curtains. Yuri stood at the door in his menacing bouncer pose. Jimmy had an uneasy feeling about this. Boris sat opposite him and shoved a brief case toward him. “Jimmy.....we have some business to discuss a personal business.” Jimmy looked at him, through the haze of rancid Turkish tobacco. “Open it and let us see how you bread is buttered.” Jimmy looked at Yuri he remained stone faced. He glanced at Boris before he opened the case slowly. What was inside took his breath away. “Two million dollars....for you....you can take it or not....the choice is yours...Choose your ticket away from here or marry Cassandra.” Jimmy looked at him he had never seen so much money. He could start a new life anywhere and here was the means to do it. “Why would I marry Cassy I’m only a plaything to her?” Jimmy accepted the glass of vodka that Boris passed him.

“She is with child.”

Oh...shit...no..... no... no, I mean err............crumbs.” Jimmy necked the glass and indicated for a refill. Yuri was smirking. Boris grinned at Jimmy. “ Now you can be a man....take the money and go my debt to you is over......after all you may not be the father...Or Jimmy Collins you can marry her and love her and I will be indebted to you....you and your family will want for nothing.” Jimmy stopped playing with the empty glass before replying. His mind was racing, was this how it is when the mafia make you an offer you can’t refuse? He could take the money find Jeanette and run. Or disappear somewhere warm, always looking over his shoulders. He didn’t trust Boris. He could marry Cassandra and keep them both near, ensuring his survival. But what about the child would it be a loveless marriage? Most marriages he knew of were. He looked across from Yuri to Boris trying to read their faces. Stone faced all he could read was danger and menace. These were the type of people that, even Italian families were wary of. “I suppose..... I shall be on the lookout for a best man then.” Boris grinned and before Jimmy knew it. He had crossed the room and was hugging him and pouring a drink for him. Shouting Russian toasts. Yuri smiling joined them and hugged Jimmy too. Jimmy was made to smoke a cigar and drink some more.

“Well lovely...as her nearest relative...I Boris Prokikev accept your request to marry Cassandra Alexandria Stanovich.....welcome...... to the family.” A very drunken Jimmy was carried home by Yuri. After the impromptu celebration that ended at the Black Cap. Elizabeth Sandwich was doing her turn and Jimmy, was the loudest of the fans there that night. He even joined the drag act up on stage during the routine. The whole place sung ‘Chapel of love’ and congratulations when Jimmy announced his news. Jimmy invited everyone. What he didn’t realise was, that they all turned up. The phone rang in suite 246 at the Mediolanum Hotel in Milan. “Congratulations...Cassandra...I hope that you will both be very happy together.”Cassy was sitting at the dressing table about to finish her makeup. Before heading out to meet Costadinas at Plastic, to dance the night away amongst other things. She stared hard in the mirror before answering. “Yes...thank you Boris.”

“Oh Cassandra the announcement will be in the press in the morning.....A woman in your position should be resting....oh and Cassandra...... alone!”

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