When Cassy met Jimmy

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Chapter 9

They say that Verona, Paris and Venice are the cities for love and romance. Buenos Aires belongs in that group too. They landed at EZE Airport midmorning Argentine time. Customs and immigration was a breeze. Despite the suspicious looks from the soldiers and armed police stationed at the airport. Jimmy and Cassandra were booked into the Marriot Hotel facing San Martin Square. At reception there was a fax waiting for Cassandra. Whilst she was checking in and reading the fax, Jimmy was engrossed in looking at the architecture. He almost knocked over the bellhop. Who was busy piling up the mountain of luggage, that Cassandra had brought over. “EEZ Beautiful no?”

“Sorry erm excuse??? Pa favour?” The bellhop smiled after staring at him a while and carried on with what he was doing. He muttered loudly under his breath. “Maldito idiota Inglés!” He shouted across to another of the concierge team to help him.

“Good news Cassy?” She smiled and led him to the seating area at the bar. She saw him looking at the concierge team.

“Leave them do their job Jimmy, we have paid enough for the service…yes it is it’s from Mitch.” Jimmy waved for assistance and pointed to a choice of wine on the wine menu. He had no idea what it was and ignored the smirk from the waiter. “si señor.” He left with a bow and flashed an amazingly white set of teeth. Short, dark eyes, good looking and moustached he wouldn’t look amiss in a film. Playing a villain or leading man.

“How is Mitch?.....did he escape Olga?” Cassy giggled at the memory of Olga Schultz the former madam of the cat house. She was dolled up to the nines, real mutton dressed as lamb. And spent the entire evening draped over Mitch. Mitch was certainly not a willing companion. But too polite to tell her where to get off. “He’s here in Buenos Aires on a shoot and he’s asked…..” Jimmy sat up straight and pointed at her. His frown said it all. His jaw was set and he glared at her from over the wine glass.

“No we are on honeymoon and I am not spending my time here on my own.” Cassy grinned at him.

“Jimmy baby it’s Vogue and I already said yes…..Jimmy there is plenty here to keep you entertained.”

“Cassy ….no!” His face was full of anger. “Besides you need to be careful in your first trimester.” Cassy shrugged she was pregnant not ill. Jimmy’s mollycoddling was beginning to annoy her. She wasn’t made from bone china. She leaned forward and kissed him. “Oh Jimmy Collins I do love you…..we have just had our first row……I will see you later....Love you.”

“Cassy come on.” Pleaded Jimmy. She grinned, stood and headed toward the exit exaggerating her wiggle as she walked. She shouted across to him.

“Jimmy he will be here in a minute…..If you get lost just say. Disculpe ¿dónde está el Marriot…..love you.” She blew him a kiss.

Jimmy waved for the waiter who had arrived with the wine, to take the bottle away. “You may as well share this amongst yourselves”. He went to reception to get the room key. The little bespectacled man looked over his glasses at him. He had a look of someone that was annoyed to have been interrupted.


“Collins.” The receptionist checked the register, then looked at him blankly.”Friend?” grumped Jimmy. He would have to have a long chat with Cassy when she returned. She married him not the other way around.

“Ahh…Cassandra Friend and guest three nights…..room 362 third floor.” Jimmy returned the smile and thanked the receptionist. A short man who wouldn’t look out of place in a loincloth in the Jungle.

From behind the Cronica a thin blond man watched Jimmy. The bellhop that Jimmy almost flattened walked over to him. “Si ese es tu hombre el Inglés que me preguntaste.” He smiled at the bellhop and handed him a wad of notes. “Recuerda Carlos Sé dónde está su familia son todos los vivientes.”

From the phone box in San Martin Square Boris spoke into the receiver. “He is here Lord Penfound as we expected…..yes Collins is set and the shoot is set up……….mmmm?.....It will be done...Collins hasn’t a clue....of course the package arrived this morning.” Jimmy marvelled at the suite. It was luxurious and sumptuous and just amazing. The cases were all unpacked and neatly stacked in the spare room of the suite. Clothing neatly folded and put away. Jimmy felt a little uncomfortable at the added extra. It was a good job all his smalls were new. He picked up a pair of sunglasses and a guide book, then headed out to explore the area. He didn’t wander too far away, as he had an awful habit of getting lost even in familiar surroundings. This was the first time he was on his own and being in a country where he was the foreigner, could lead to a few directional hazards.

Jeanette let herself into the flat, with the keys that Yuri had cut for her. It was definitely the house of trousers and smelt like a teenagers locker room. She navigated the piles of rubble in the front room. “Yuri?.....Yuri.....anyone home?” Jimmy would have had an absolute fit, if he knew that the place was in this state. Yuri had failed to pick up Jordan as planned this morning. He never missed their days together, this was the first time. A worried and grumpy Jordan waited in the car downstairs. “YURI!” she didn’t hear any reply and headed toward one of the bedrooms, that a loud snoring was coming from. She almost broke her neck on the trail of clothing, that led to where the snores came from. She smiled at the thought that Yuri had finally gotten lucky. And gotten rid of that stupid vow he made to her when she was in Berlin. “No lips except yours will ever touch mine.” He dropped that chestnut on her, just as the truck left Jimmy’s flat. With Boris and that wench in the back.

She had turned up to claim Jimmy, and saw her pounce on Jimmy. silhouetted against the drawn curtains. That scene still hurt her deeply. She knew that she knew she was there. She saw the face on her when she turned up on the doorstep. And will never forget the malice in those perfect green eyes. She drew in a deep breath to gather herself and steel her nerves, for what she may discover. The sight that greeted her after she had rapped on the door, made her gasp. This was not quite what she had expected. She quickly regrouped and spoke to Lemmy. Who was sat in his y-fronts on the bed smoking. Yuri was on his back snoring as if it had gone out of fashion. “Erm.... I suppose there’s a tea on its way missus?” He grinned from behind a plume of smoke. Jeanette glared at his bare faced cheek. “Yuri’s late.....there’s a very upset little boy waiting for him downstairs.”

Lemmy rolled Yuri over and gave his ample rump, a heck of a slap shouting at him “Oi yer feckin lazee twat yer mans waitin fer ya. Get in the shower!” He grinned at Jeanette as the giant of a man howled. And jumped up, ready to knock the stuffing out of Lemmy. He paused at Lemmy’s nods toward Jeanette. Sheepishly and blushing he waved and picked up his dressing gown. “That tea missus?....we will have it white and two sugars.” Yuri muttered his apologies as he headed into the shower. “I will wait for you two downstairs then. Oh and Lemmy please behave around Jordan remember he is impressionable.”

“Do I know you missus?....wait.......no...not Jeanette from the hospital!” He quickly dressed and followed Jeanette into the kitchen.

“Ahhh lass the little fecker is in Argentina.....his ole dad would be rolling in the ground.” Lemmy crossed himself and continued. “I’m sorry pet he should never had gotten with that girl...but you disappeared on him he was heartbroken you know. Then he went to Germany and got involved with her. If it’s any consolation Aileen won’t have her set foot in the house.....You always were her girl.”

Jeanette smiled at the sincerity she liked Lemmy. And was glad that Yuri had found someone to love. Once the shock of it all had disappeared. These two men oozed testosterone and you’d never have guessed that they were gay. Like Jimmy Jeanette had been brainwashed by the media, into a stereotype of a gay man. “Five minutes and then we are gone.” Lemmy and Yuri both came out to the car. Jordan looked up at both men and eyed Lemmy suspiciously. “And who is this Yuri?” Lemmy squatted to eye level and stared hard at the little man. Who was standing in a fighting stance, with his fists clenched. Lemmy grinned like a Cheshire cat and burst out laughing, as Jordan hit him in the stomach with all his strength. “The only other person ever looked at me like that was....” Lemmy stopped and looked up at Yuri then at Jeanette. Their looks confirmed suspicions for him. “Jimmy when he was small....he has his mother’s fire. But?” Jordan swung again and Lemmy parried his punches laughing.

“JORDAN!...manners.” Jordan stopped but stood his ground. Frowning at this man who obviously had some of Yuri’s affection. “Mum who is he?....is he Yuri’s friend?”.

“Yes Jord its Yuri’s friend Lemmy.” Jordan looked at him sternly for a moment trying to suss him out.

“Then are you my friend too Lummy.” Yuri shrugged and took Jeanette to one side. Lemmy and Jordan chatted a little. “You call him gramps...” Said Yuri “He is my most special friend but you are my bestest friend Jordan.” Lemmy looked at Jeanette who had turned away and gotten into the car. He then looked a little more closely at the boy. The penny dropped quickly. Yuri gave him a look to silence whatever was about to come out of his mouth. The three of them headed to the tube hand in hand. Jordan was delighted with two hulking figures to look after him and treat him. He was looking forward to the mischief, this new man could bring. He knew that he would be in trouble if his mother knew that Yuri took him to the football. And then on to the pubs of North West London. Jeanette hated football and didn’t want Jordan exposed to the game. Till at least he begun school. She was a rugby fanatic and a keen supporter of Llangefni and Llanelli. To her rugby was a man’s game.

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