Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 10

My mom came home around six forty-five and she never knew that we came a day early and she was excited for us to be home. My dad knew is more because my mom worked a lot on the week days and since what happened in the last two years we have seen my dad a little less and we have a little more emotional attachment to him I guess. I couldn't imagine where I would be right now I look at the time and it said it was seven o'clock and I would be outside till about seven forty five and go to "sleep" at eight o'clock by sleep it was looking at the ceiling till I fell asleep. tonight was different I didn't have to go to sleep at 8 o'clock and I fell asleep without staring at the ceiling. When I woke up I had a different feeling of freedom but I never let Lincoln know I was feeling but to my surprise he was feeling the same feeling as me but a bit more. I spent Friday hanging out with my dad and things felt like they were the same again and Paige never happened. My family wasn't broken it wasn't bent but my family was different. My family wasn't different because of what stuff happened it was cause my parents never let the situation leave the family broken.

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