Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 12

By the third week of waiting for hours for the taxi and trying to occupy myself with the internet and I got bored after the third week of going to the same websites. I was nervous that the one day I change out of what I was wearing to something else the taxi would come. The taxi didn’t come and I stopped waiting and tried to enjoy my summer and hang out with my friends and I noticed the anxiety of a taxi could pick me and Lincoln up at anytime was starting to get to me. My friends never noticed because I kept it hidden because I don’t know what they would think of me. My friends mom noticed I was scared to eat anything that my friends gave me and she asked me what was up. I replied to her question honestly I said first it was family troubles and then I explained why I was gone every week day. She understood and respected me for being honest with her not saying it was nothing and hiding the weird fears further inside like someone that gave in to their anxiety and in reality I had to not give in to it. At this point Lincoln thought that I was lost in my own thoughts but In reality I was trying to analyze my them and Lincoln was making this process a bit harder than it should be for me because he was not letting me process anything because he wanted me distracted not processing that was Lincoln I guess. this made me think of when Cole was processing something Lincoln not letting him think about anything he would have to process and I noticed he was doing the exact same thing with me. I guess Lincoln was fearing giving his option if he was asked a question about Cole or I was processing but in reality I answered Cole's questions that he had about things and In my option Cole's questions and the answers that I gave him helped me answer mine and not have to ask anyone else my questions because honestly I don't think Lincoln was that smart to answer the questions that I had.

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