Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 13

Lincoln’s words never brought me down and Anna-Grace is around every once in awhile.My life seems hard but it really isn’t because I Know how to answer the why me question, when Cole asked me and he told me he didn’t want to ask Lincoln because he would not give him the right answer or deny him entirely. I didn’t deny him when he asked me because I didn’t want the same to be done to me because I know the golden rule and I know Lincoln don’t want to be reminded of it because he wants to act bigger but I learned how to not believe him and use the new perspective that was unavailable to me for years. When the new perspective is finally available to me Lincoln has to be the one to tell me my perspective is the wrong one and to look again and when I look again I find the one that Lincoln told me that was wrong turned out to be the right one and I felt so unintelligent believing him. If he knew I believed him he would call me gullible or another word he found online to be smart and when he was questioned he would make something up like he was teaching me a definition of a word and using the word in a sentence to be off the hook. I thought because I was the youngest I had to let my siblings take advantage of me and put me in the blame when he was calling me what he was giving me the definition of and in the end he didn't tell me what gullible meant then I had to ask a teacher or someone not blood related to me what it meant because If I asked anyone in my family they would ask who did I hear the word from and I never would want to lie so I would tell the truth and Lincoln would get in a tiny bit of trouble for calling his sister gullible or something else he found on the internet and he would stop for good periods of time then he stopped for a good bit and of course I never noticed.

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