Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 14

The first week of school started and I was clueless on what was going to happen then again later this same week I have the same feeling that something was going to happen like the multiple times before and truthfully I thought we were going to be taken back to Paige and Dylan’s again. The Saturday after school started my parents told Me and Lincoln that a social worker is coming to get us tomorrow and Lincoln was being his normal self-showing emotion and I thought this meant Paige and Dylan’s so I was nervous that I would be hurt. The next day my mom forced us to get pictures taken of us being sad and my mom got more pictures of Lincoln because I didn’t want to because I didn’t want to be fake and someone I wouldn’t even be friends with. In my opinion, people can show some emotion but people should know where to draw the line. When I was done my thoughts we arrived at a familiar place than when my thoughts caught up to me and I realized that I was at an office and I remembered the office as the one we would talk to the social worker. The social worker asked us to get in her car and I grabbed my bag and followed with all the things that I owned in the bag, Lincoln did the same because he was following my lead I could tell because if something seemed wrong he would make me go first and If I was alright going thought he would go though. This was not how it worked out today because Lincoln was reassured all was alright but I wasn't because I was alright because I knew If we told the social worker that Paige hurt us why would they bring us back to the same people with a big risk of getting hurt again. When the social worker started driving Lincoln and I were looking out the window then we stopped at a hotel and the social worker told us we were going to stay here till we are found a place. This was when a weight was lifted from my shoulders because I noticed that I wouldn't be hurt without reason because there was no way the social worker would let anyone hurt me after what happened to us. when we got there was a woman outside the door and she welcomed us to the place we would be staying till we are found somewhere.

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