Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 15

The first night at the hotel wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever had because the feeling that anyone could open the door was keeping me up and around twelve in the morning the door opened and a lady came in the hotel room. The lady told me to go back to sleep and I was clueless on who she was. I went back to sleep a bit after. When I woke up in a bit of a haze then I heard Lincoln call my name. “Fairlee-Bree are you up?”I replied with “Yes Lincoln”.When I changed into the clothes I was wearing today and Lincoln did the same after. I got a feeling of adrenaline pumping through me every time I remembered last night when I seen someone coming in the hotel room and gave me the fear of being kidnapped or something else. Of course Lincoln was asleep a heavy sleep not the kind that I was waking up because of the sound of the door opening. I was always the observant one waking up to a loud noise when my brother was fast asleep. When I was done this thought I heard a taxi on front of the hotel and it was time to go to school. I walked in the school I went to the office and was asked my name I replied,“I’m Fairlee-Bree McKnight and I was wondering what homeroom class I am in”. She looked at her computer and printed me a Schedule and told me that I was in class Seven A. I go down the hall to the classroom that I was told that I was in and I seen my best friend and I surprised her. I didn’t only surprise her I surprised myself I was able to be the person I am not what Paige was forcing me to be and I was myself for once I wasn’t the one being held back and that terrified to even move. My class knew who I am from last year which was a relief I didn’t have to introduce myself again. My homeroom teacher asked me who I was and I said, “Fairlee-Bree Maria McKnight”. The teacher could put a face to a name and it turned out she was wondering who I was. The day started well it turned out my class accepted me and I’m not the new girl I am Fairlee-Bree. Some teachers told me my name was different and some teachers spelled my name Fairley-Bree. I didn’t mind it but I did tell then because I didn’t want to be held responsible for this later. The school day ended before I knew it and the taxi that took us to school this morning was at the school to pick me and Lincoln up. We got in the taxi and went back to the hotel. The drive to the hotel wasn’t filled with anxiety this time because I knew that I wasn’t going to be hurt. I walked into the hotel room and Lincoln proved himself pretty quickly by acting bigger than me.

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