Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 16

A week went by and I knew the people taking care of me and Lincoln. Me and Lincoln usually hung out with Margaret till we went to bed. We always had to walk for supper and this one day we went to get some chicken. Me, Lincoln and Margaret were lining up to order our food and I seen someone familiar. I looked again to make sure I wasn’t going delusional and my eyes weren’t tricking me and when I finished my thought the person came to me. Lincoln already almost forgot him but how could I forget someone that is close to me as Lincoln is. I remember his name quickly and realize this is Cole and we finally found him. We sit down together and the nice person looking after Cole asked us our names and Lincoln said his and I said. “Hi I’m Fairlee-Bree McKnight nice to meet you”. “Hi I’m Everly Carr and Cole have told me a lot about you guys”. Everly was a nice person and her name was said before and I was trying to find out then I remember Cole talking about her and how nice she is. Supper went by quickly and today I knew that Cole was in a safe place so I was relieved that he was safe and well looked after. Me, Margaret and Lincoln got back to the hotel and I have never been so relieved in my life because finding Cole was like finding a needle in a haystack or following a map that was turned upside down or reversed. Lincoln was happy seeing him again but In my opinion he was more annoyed than happy because of how many times he said that he hated Cole and he got away from him for a few weeks then he seen him again and I could see the look in his eyes the smile wasn't fooling me at all because if you looked at him at certain moments you would say he was going to hurt something or someone honestly. I thought this because at Paige and Dylan's Lincoln would get mad at me for not following his orders and when Cole came he wanted him to do what his little sister wouldn't do because she was disobedient and wouldn't listen to his know it all big brother that apparently knew it all.

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