Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 17

Before I knew it Margaret told us that they found us somewhere to go. When I heard this news I couldn’t believe it because we spent almost one month at this hotel and in this small room I had no personal space and I couldn’t wait to have some. The only time I have alone time was when I was in school, with margaret alone without Lincoln or when I was dreaming. The next day school was different because I felt change before me but I wasn’t scared this time because I was told in a good tone not a fake tone that was all an act. The night before we were going to move to the house we celebrated this milestone instead of fearing it because we knew if we would fear this change it would make it all worse in the end. The next day after school we were told that there was a fridge problem so we were going to move tomorrow. The next day I woke up and left for school had a normal day and arrived at the house later this same day then I realized that with all the stuff that happened I wasn't broken not even close.

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