Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 18

When we walked in the house and I let Lincoln say what bedroom he wanted first. I made it look like I was looking at the kitchen and stuff but I wanted Lincoln to pick out his room first so he didn’t start a fight with me like Anna-Grace did. The days after that always flashed before my eyes because in my opinion because I always had something before me that meant more than focusing on the time going by and Lincoln was getting more smart by the hour with correcting me for everything and keeping me to my mistakes not letting me forget any of them. Lincoln was the kind to show emotion and when all this happened he changed not the good kind of change but a kind of change that could’ve happened overnight. I had a different outlook on this topic because if I met someone that was nice to me why would I create a different personality trait that wasn’t me at all to seem like some that I completely wasn’t. This lasted for a good few months I don’t hesitate to omit it because I had a cough that wouldn’t go away or go away even a little bit and I was afraid. I was using cough drops like they were candy and knowing the horrible taste of cough syrup. Taking aspirin every six to seven hours just hoping to get some sleep. One night that I got a bit worse so I had to go to the emergency room to get checked out and this resulted in me getting exhausted. After a good few emergency room visits later What was wrong with me was clear I had fluid in my lungs and I had to be transferred to another hospital. Not a word of a lie I was scared out of my mind but I didn't show it. The hospital stay lasted around five days and when I got released I wasn't myself right away because I was weaker than I usually was and one moment I will never forget was when one day I had trouble catching my breath and I was on oxygen less than two days ago. I was worried Lincoln was doing to screw something up or get fustrated at his little sister for leaving for five days and coming back. My feelings never fail me because Lincoln sprayed cologne instead of aerosol because the living room had a unpleasant odor. First of all I was panicking because I only got out of the hospital not even forty eight hours ago and my brother was already spraying cologne around all I could say I was in the hospital for a week after that and I blame that cologne a little bit.

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