Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 19

I always thought I wouldn't ever have a family that accepted me for who I was not who someone else pushed me to be. The day came that I was told that me and Lincoln had Foster parents and we were going in two weeks and we were meeting them after my tutoring. When I first seen them I was like they were glad to see me not like the other foster parents that scarred me forever. Lincoln drew them and I was trying to not let them know about my anxiety that nobody else knew about anyway so what do I have to loose. The foster parents seen me getting lost in my thoughts.
They introduced themselves and the man Jason told us he and sabrina had a daughter named Adeline that was a year older than me and a year younger than Lincoln and this was so cool. Before I knew it we were going to see the house for the first time and when I walked in the house and seen Adeline on the couch. Sabrina welcomed me and this was honestly the first time I was welcomed and it felt good and then jason showed me and Lincoln around and for the first time I felt like that puzzle piece that I couldn't fit in my parents puzzle fit in this one
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