Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 20

We moved in with Jason and Sabrina on a Sunday and Lincoln took the move well and I did also. I think the move went so well was the move was nice and the family was welcoming to me and I felt like I belonged to a family for the first time in my life. This feeling was a new one and when I said I love you to my foster parents I meant it because they actually love me not a fake love that I was recovering from but a kind of love that cannot be faked in any way. A few days after Sabrina said her sister, everly was coming over and name rung a bell. When Everly came over she brought her children and a boy with brown eyes noticed me and said,

“Fairlee-Bree McKnight?”

“Cole Peters?”.

Me and Lincoln were Jason and Sabrina’s first call and they told me us that they took the first phone call to give children a chance they deserve.

Everly wanted us to meet her foster children

“This is Elena-Skye and Flynn”

“Nice to meet you Elena-Skye and Flynn”

"Thank you Fairlee-Bree" Elena-Skye spoke.
Elena-Skye and Flynn welcomed me in the same way as Sabrina and Jason did. This is what a family feels like I thought to myself. I thought this because all my life it felt like I didn't have a family that supported me and even knew me and this family only knew me for less than a week and knew me better than the family that knew me all of my Life. This might sound like a lie but I am telling no word of a lie.
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