Learning To Love Again

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chapter 2

I go to the kitchen to get breakfast and Anna-grace is staring at me and I don’t mind she always stared at me and I didn’t mind at all because I finally accepted it I guess and I just let her stare. School that day was different I didn’t have to act like myself I was myself again and the feeling was amazing it was like I changed but the only thing I changed was my perspective. My perspective was If I couldn’t change it just roll with it and I learned looking at things differently made all the difference. It made the difference.I began to look at things in this new perspective and it was easier to process honestly but for how long I don’t know. I don’t know how long Anna-Grace and Lincoln will let me have this new perspective that David help me craft. The answer to my thoughts was not even two days because Anna-Grace made me feel like I made it this far for nothing and she said no matter how you look at things they are the exact same.The next day I went to school hiding that anything was wrong because I didn’t want to be questioned on what was wrong. I didn’t want to be questioned because If I was what would I say Anna-Grace and Lincoln convinced me that I wasn’t worth it enough to make it this far but somehow I’m still breathing. I still don’t know how I managed to still be alive when Anna-Grace and Lincoln were bullying me and no one knew because I didn’t want attention because Anna-Grace would let me pay for it later. Anna-Grace and Lincoln didn’t let me have anything, not even a toy and In the rare time, I had a toy In my possession my siblings would throw it at something or someone and get it taken away From me It wasn’t taken away from Anna-Grace or Lincoln It was taken away from me Fairlee-Bree. I don’t think Anna-Grace and Lincoln had anything taken away from them but I did because of them. Anna-Grace was always the one to talk about me like I was an object and talk about herself like she was the queen and In reality, she was a bully and she made me like a grenade with the pin pulled out. I felt like that because Anna-Grace and Lincoln are making me almost want to explode with all the pressure of not being able to tell anyone because the inside is the easiest place to hide things that hurt me that I haven’t put completely together like a puzzle with a piece missing so you give up. My family is like a puzzle that I don’t fit into and Anna-Grace wants me to know it that well it haunts me forever and if I forget that I don’t fit into the family she would be more than happy to remind me a thousand times. A thousand times to many to be correct.

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