Learning To Love Again

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Chapter 6

The summer went very fast and School came even quicker and before I knew it I was getting ready for the first day of school by getting ready for the first day of school I mean Dylan on a conference call and paige that happy that she packed the lunches early as she could because she was excited to get rid of us and that’s why I was nervous. I was nervous because with the Canadian winters you are guaranteed a good few snow days and it was like I was mad about living in Canada because paige didn’t like the kids home so I would be outside for hours in the freezing cold snow. When social workers would talk to us we would say we played in the snow and she replied with did you guys have fun and we said yes but we really thought it was 50 percent fun. The day came and gone then it was may before I knew it and my mind was trying to forget all that happened me and desiree with the only thing feminine About us was our clothes and our personalities were gone and cole giving me a bit of normal in this nightmare. At this point, I was eleven and going to bed at eight o’clock in the night and I usually looked at the ceiling till I fell asleep there were a good few times I would not be able to fall asleep because it was summer and sunsets after our 8:00pm bedtime. December nights were the worst being the one that’s bed was at the window and the light was plugged in all night was shining in my eyes and it made it hard to sleep. The other thing that was making it hard to sleep was the kids were always put to bed 8:00 (or earlier) and when we were “sleeping” paige and Dylan’s grandson would be a bit loud and I wonder If Lincoln or Cole slept I think Lincoln slept but I don’t think cole did. When I thought that I haven’t been abused in a week and I guess I jinxed myself because I got hit in the face I was not tapped I was slapped as hard as paige for no reason and I just never bothered to tell anyone because I’m always bruised and Lincoln was the crier. I never told anyone else about it until Lincoln got hit and cole too then me for the fiftieth time for stepping out of line and the stupid mistakes I made. June was approaching quickly and that only made me fear more because she hated the kids “Home” and summer was was just a little over two months of the kids being “Home”. Summer is the thing that everyone always looked forward to and count down the days but I didn’t because paige would be able to hurt me more in the summer because we were not in school. When the summer came I was scared but I hid it and at this point I was very good at hiding my fear and desiree left so I only had Cole and Lincoln that was a good thing because the world could change in a heartbeat or a second either analogy expresses the way the world can change in my opinion. The first week of summer was torture because we all had to stay in our beds looking at the ceiling which got old very quickly to be completely honest because the feeling of being locked in your bedroom but it isn’t really locked begins to drag on and not to mention I was in my room alone by myself. When about an hour has gone by and Paige finally called Lincoln, cole and I. We were called down to the kitchen and were given a bowl of cereal that was like it was left out for a few hours but we never complained about this part but the part that I honestly couldn’t handle all the time was the texture. The texture was like if you left cereal out for a few hours and your friends dared you to eat it but I wasn’t dared to eat it I had to eat it or I would have to eat it for the next meal and so on. Me and cole are going to a day camp when Lincoln is going to one ran by the community. We went and this was the first time I never had Lincoln bothering me and I am beginning to get closer to Cole and I’m beginning to learn more about him and his family. The day camp was a good experience because I got to learn new things and have new experiences and this was the point in time I began to dislike sandwiches and I learned sometimes if you microwave it the cheese will overpower the things that was making the sandwich gross and over time I began to eat less of the sandwich. I learned how to play pool that summer and I underestimated how fun laser tag was and also how hard it was to hide bruises in the summertime but I managed to do it. The day cole got slammed on the couch will never leave me to be completely honest the feeling that was going through me was the one of fear and the fear of being next in line. Cole was tying his shoe and apparently he was doing it too slow for paige’s liking because she slammed him on the couch and put the shoes on him. This made me fear everything I did by that I mean not doing anything different because the fear of doing something wrong was too strong for me to handle. Me and cole were in the back of the shed throwing marble sized rocks back on into the border around the shed where they were and Paige seem what we were doing and called us all in and accused us of throwing rocks at the shed but we never and she asked me what we were doing and I said we were throwing the rocks back for something to do. Lincoln and cole we’re in their beds when she slapped me that hard Lincoln heard it from the next room and when we had a talk with the social worker I told her what paige did the first time that I let myself say anything that Paige did to me and it felt different but it felt a little good at the same time and was expecting Lincoln to not support me at all and my expectation was not the way it worked out because he told the social worker believed me more because Lincoln supported me for the first time in my life and I wasn’t sure why he was picking up for me but he truly helped me in a sense of making the social worker believe me. This was the first time he ever picked up for me but I knew it was probably because I always was the one to not want to be the center of attention and then if I am alone with my father I wanted to make sure that I had some of what I had for Lincoln to be what I was always pressured to be Fair.

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