Armageddon, The Gulf of Guinea and the Buhari Nexus

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This is set on the background of Daniel 11.43 read by the Muslims, Christians and Jews as Muammer Ghaddaffi's and Hosni Mubarak's overthrow have fulfilled with the Syria, part of Defunct UAR Shows This book is a to show that the Torah read by the Children of Abraham-Christians, Jews and Muslims can be used as a Predictive Model to predict the trend in International Affairs using Theological Diplomacy based on an urgent need for the Dialogue of the God/gods as a means to end to end the incessant Global Conflict emanating from the Israel-Palestenian Conflict that has metamorphosed into a Clash of Civilizations.This Conflict is set to lead to World War 111 or The Armageddon where the Resources of the Gulf of Guinea will be a Deciding Paraeter with Nigeria seated strategically at the the Trigger of Africa The Global Bride with its 50/50 Muslim/Christian Population as the Faultline-President Muhammadu Buhari's Agenda will either make or mar Nigeria destined Greatness.The Prosperous China and the CashStrapped EU are set to battle for the Soul of Africa in preparation for this prophesied Great War to herald a New World Ruler eagerly awaited by the Abrahamic Faiths.China has been prophesied to match from the Northern Boundaries with the Aryan Ancestry of the Germans and the Iranians set to tip the balance even as P5+1 or E3+3 Negotiations shows with Italy, Germany seizing the EU

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Manuscript of ”Armageddon, The Gulf of Guinea and the Buhari Nexus”


This book is dedicated to my late parents-Engr Godfrey U.Okoro and Mrs Comfort M.Okoro who nurtured me and taught me to write-continue to rest in the Bosom of the Lord,

The events that will culminate in the eventual close of this age are on course.Many prophecies have been fulfilled and others are in the verge of being fulfilled even to the emergence of the two witnesses in Revelation 11:2-9 and many must understand that it’s a “Race of Laps” and not a 100m dash to crack the plans of the wicked and be the rallying point of the armies of God which today form the bulk of the victims in the “Pattern of causalities” being recorded from the United States of America to Egypt and from Nigeria to Russia as fundamentalists wreak havoc across the Globe.

We must penetrate deep into the “Arsenal of Darts” to put pressure on the “Great Soft Spots” in the innermost recesses of the Capital of the Kingdom of darkness to bring forth the spasms and convulsions that will bring the necessary changes we all desire to haveas the lips and tongues that seek of the fountains of pleasure must be steadfast and bold counsels Revelation 14:13-14, 18-19

In 1948, against all odds the State of Israel was birthed with the motto “Never Again” It should be noted that the study of the End times events span all the Abrahamic faiths-Christianity,Islam and Judaism. Even some traditional/pagan religious notably that of the Mayans(an unknown tribe in South America) has its calendar which has proven near accurate, which terminated on December 21, 2012.The apparent non-fulfillment may be because of gaps of some years lost during the various complex mathematical computations. Jesus stated that the generation that will see the re-gathering of the Jews will not pass away before He returns in Glory and Might-He knew that the dispersal of the Jews will be a prolonged event and that the event of its overturn will not be known to any man or angel.

However, He enumerated certain signs, Major and Minor. A careful study of these signs historical events can lead to the near prediction of His second coming.Thecrucial question now is what a generation is-40, 70, 100 or even 120years? Many think the advent of Jesus will suddenly happen.Will it?I don’t not think so!it’s not in the character of God to suddenly destroy His creation without prior warning clear enough to be heeded by the repentant-this disposition was displayed in the destruction of the ancient world by deluge-Noah was well informed neither was Sodom and Gomorrah destruction sudden:Abraham was in the know.What of the release of Israel from Babylonian captivity?Daniel understood by the Books that the 70th year they will be free.Jacob will have known that the journey into Egypt could end up into captivity for his descendants if they had bothered to check out the prophecy of Abraham.

This book has been written to enlighten the world about the end-time King who is expected by the followers of the three ’Abrahamic faiths. The end-times studies all proclaim the coming of a World Ruler who will establish peace on Earth-It’s even more revealing when we realize that the Daniel who had the deepest insight in eschatology is accepted as a prophet in all three religions. This book is neither a theological material nor a historical narrative though it can serve both purposes.

Today’s foreign policies are being unwittingly or even knowingly crafted and framed around religious ideologies driven by catastrophic environmental forces that will annihilate the earth and captured in the Book of Revelations as the Angelic Plagues with Consequences of what today’s C;imate Change Experts predict will happen if we exceed the 2degree Celcius Rise in Tempreature-Diplomats with bias in Climate Change and After Effects of a Nuclear Explosion Fall-Out will find this book a delight and extremely helpful especially as the major issue in the world today is the imbroglio in the Middle East which problems are solvable by the careful study of the promises of Abraham and the prophecies of Daniel.-a Book that is accepted by the Christians, Muslims and the Jews. The narrative is done in a simple manner to encourage as many persons as possible to relate the contemporary international politics to the ultimate plan of God and ensure that as many people as possible are well positioned to receive this Last Great “Emperor” that will rule from the Center of the Earth.. Approaching the Middle East problem should be with the understanding that it is actually God’s time piece and a deep knowledge base is required to meander through its labyrinth.

This work is not an end to itself but rather a ‘hat thrown into the ring’ to catalyze discourse on this very crucial subject matter without using the lens of any denomination, sect or religion and it does not form the official position of any of these groups-it qualifies more as Theological Environmental Diplomacy!

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