Prince Nekron: King Demos

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Chapter 7: The Fallen Armour

They got to the area of the first lesson. “Every demon has a certain set of skills they fall into three categories” nekron started “fore sight,power and manipulation
For example although I am the prince of war and people would think my powers are suited to power they are incorrect I am one of the rare few that fall into manipulation there are only 4 other demons who can do what I do and none of them even come close to the manipulation I can do those other four fyi are the other princes. Any questions so far” he said as he brought forth a shadow from the tree behind and turned it into a sword. “I have a feeling” he continued “you know which yours is,but there's only one way to prove it” he said with his hand in front of his face as he slowly clenched it into a fist his skin start to turn int9 the ebony iron until he's and was a fist and he was a big ebony armoured monster from the underworld. She was still amazed by the shadow she didn't see it he smacked he straight off her feet and before she knew it he was behind her he kneed her in the back and she dropped to the ground winded as she breathed her skin began to turn into the dark rose armour he smiled underneath his mask scarlet armour he thought. She was on her feet he went in again this time stepping through the shadows he continued punching and kicking her through the shadows. He then opened a portal behind her and threw her on to a barren plain with a black sky “welcome the 7th” he continued to punch her he opened more portals this time of different places he walked through them a somehow getting her from different angles until she heard “let it go” she knew what he meant so she let it take over and then she saw where ever single next move was gonna be and she dodged and blocked slipping only a few and then he stopped the we're coming in fast h cast open a portal let's move we don't want to be here when they get here. They walked through the portal back to earth. The portal closed behind them as one manger to jump but was cut off a second too late. “Oh my god that was amazing how was I was just living through the moment before and when you struck I didn't even need to look at you. I already knew what to do and how are you able to.get to the 7th and how ....” And then she fainted and nekron stood looking down at her. You did well, he thought and smiled. As he looked up a beautiful woman was approaching, she was singing something so beautiful, so familiar nekron however was not phased he had shifted his body but let his head remain human so Asif to look like he was wearing a suit of armour. As she got closer he could make out her features she had silver hair that flowed in the wind her face had a natural glow her body was kissed to perfection with curves that complimented her figure she was wearing a short cloth around her waist covering her crotch and a lace bra. She got close to him the moment she touched him she couldn't get her hands of his armour she was pressing her self.up against him, he pushed her away, she then shifted in a matter of seconds into a great white armour beast and tried to go for him
He slipped her attacks and then started countering with his own she was strong who was she. She swung a punch It hit nekron in the chest she brandished her sword it was identical to nekrons who the hell was she he took his out and the started battle with her they nearly destroyed each other they were both on there knees “who… the .. hell….. are…. You? Nekron breathed “ammarah” the girl replied. Once they'd Heald them selves they began to talk. “So your basically the complete opposite of me I manipulate shadow you light I turn into a black demon you turn into a white what exactly?”
“there are twelve fallen relics that fell into the 7 pits each relic gives the possessor a certain technique of manipulation you have the mask of shadow I have the boots of light each of the twelve components forms an armour but only one can hold the whole armour.” “so whats with the ram swords?” nekron asked “their given to the first two black and white” ammarah said. “right” he said “so it's best we find them all before someone else does.” “yes but it's not as simple as that when the armour was scattered the prices were instantly bonded to the nearest living organism and they were scattered in all relms which means the people they come with may not be so parting with their pieces.”she answered. “those who do not give them will have me” her replied.
Scarlet slurred from her slumber. She pushed herself up and held her head “ahh my head” she said she turned round “who's she? Whys she naked? She asked “I'm amarah I'm a seduction demon” she said with a smile.
They set out the next day to search for more answers. “our best hope are the sisters of pain” ammarh said “they were the ones who delivered your right?” with that a portal was opened to the plains of oblivion. “welcome to oblivion,” nekron said as she walked through. They walked to the sisters of pain.
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