Prince Nekron: King Demos

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Chapter 9: Through The Highs And Lows

100 years had passed and nekron now had the chain mail of mercy, as they raged through the earth realm to find the rest of armour it dawned on him how long he had spent doing this. they ran through one of demo's camps scarlet ran through the trees raining down acid as she ran over the camp.
Amarah ran from alley to corner slicing throats and ripping out limbs. Nekron walked through casually killing with single blows unfazed by the enemy at hand. “its him” “Lord nekron” were whispers as the crowds began to back down. He got to the town center and Amarah stopped right in front of the watering hole of the camp. Nekron got closer and as he did he began to levitate of his feet. Until he was walking on the air towards the roof of watering hole. “sheovrath you have a choice to make” he said once his feet touched the roof. Scarlet floated down and hoverd behind him, her feet in line with his shoulders, her tail whipping back and forth and her long demonic tounge whipping out of her wretched face her skin with no armour all scaley like a lizard. “You can spare your brothers and yourself just hand it over” he stepped out and approached him “please he'll kill me.” he whispered “he knows your after them” nekron held his hand out. The demon reluctant placed the shoulder plates of woe in nekron hands. “you will be safe now” he said and opened a portal to his army there he sent the demon. “Those of you who are left have a choice either join me or burn with your leader.” No one moved “fair enough”he said and sunk the city in black smoldering flames destroying all demo's demons. They walked away in complete silence this was the evil part of the mission the thousands of in concert dead but they were here to do a job and feeling could not play apart.

One by one they returned and Nekron was the last. He walked straight into the training room. Hours days weeks even he would spend perfecting his technique always preparing for his meeting with demo's. A few hours had passed and amarah walked into the training room. "let's go" she said. And with that they both walked out to the main briefing room.
"this is it your one shot your one opportunity to take him down you have 7 of the 8 pieces now he holds the last one you will have to infiltrate his castle." no need nekron said as the armour washed over his skin now his armour was an ebony black with engravings from the first age carved right through the only pieces missing were the gauntlets. Nekron opened a portal to the castle where the father was. He stepped through first
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