Prince Nekron: King Demos

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Chapter 10: Disturbing The Peace

The room fell into. Complete shock. There before them stood the Prince of war looking up straight at demos and within seconds they were engaged in battle blow for blow they were identical they scraped and fought while the girls took care of every one else. Nekron looked back for a second and demos took his advantage. He held nekron by the neck both girls had been caught. Nekron couldn't move. A portal opened and through it stepped the leader of the hunters guild "my lord" he said to igork and bowed "as promised he is here with the armour." Demos looked at his demons and nodded one snapped the gild leaders neck in seconds then he looked at the one that was holding scarlet and nodded "noo!" nekron screamed but it was too late he had snapped her neck just as the words came out. He switched his head to amarah and just before. He nodded amarah fashioned spikes from. She dropped to the floor and began fighting. Nekron was engulfed in rage the shadows were spewing from him. He pushed demos back and stepped through the shadows attacking him at every point. He opened a portal to the 7th and kicked demos straight through it. It closed as he flew through. Nekron turned round and every demon bar ammarh turned to shadows. He looked where they had killed scarlet. But her body wasn’t there. Where was her body? A portal had opened behind nekron and just as he turned a round a fist sent him flying across the room. Demos walked through shifting into a blood red flamed monster his shift was the stuff of nightmares his horns were long in width and were sharper than knives at the tips, he was now tall, his chest out and shoulders broad. His body scared and only from the wasted down covers. One of the creatures ran through the portal he grabbed it faster than it could run through and crushed its head. “You thought You were the only one who came back from there.” Demos said as the portal closed behind him his left hand was wearing a gauntlet or rather his left hand was the gauntlet. He had no left hand. Nekron stood he removed every bit of the fallen armour bar the mask and handed it to ammarah “get out of here” he said to her. She took the things and left through her own portal. Nerokron took his off his own armour till his jet black skin was showing his body giving of a black aura of shadows. He threw down his sword and ran towards demos. He jumped at him but nekron was no match just yet with a few blows he had nekron where he wanted him. And he began to stroll towards him. Nekron tried push himself of the ground but he was battered and he could barley see. Demos picked nekrons sword up “ it’s a shame really you were my favourite, oh well” he raised the sword and out of know where a blast of rose red fire blew him strait of his feet and across the room he took a few seconds to get up but scarlet was on top of him her face baring so much of a resemblance to his her horns slightly smaller in width. She did her best To hold him off till she could get to nekrons armour she kicked his chest piece across the floor to him and it turned into a shadow jumping into his body the rest of his armour simultaneously slid into a shadow state and a did the same as his chest piece. His body shot up like a corpse as demos approached scarlet. Scarlet blasted him away and ran at nekron she opened a portal behind him and dove at him spearing him trough the portal just as her father’s flame narrowly missed her. They fell through and she landed on top of him as he was out cold.
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