Prince Nekron: King Demos

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Chapter 11: Till Death Do We Part

She couldn’t shift back for another 6 months just like her father and her whole lineage before her; she had to learn how to control herself. He woke to scarlet breaking something. “God damn it” she shouted he got up and walked out of the room he was in, they were in a bunker. He walked into the kitchen and there she stood 9 ft tall her body glowing rose red her her longer her horns different to her fathers the grew from her her head instead of her fore head she looked stunning. “Wow” said nekron, she was slightly taller than nekron like this. Nekron was still in his shift. “I can’t change back” she said looking away “you won’t for 6 months you’ll learn how to control it” he said walking over to her and turned her head to him gently using her chin, “don’t be ashamed of your skin you look beautiful” he said and kissed her. She was taken by surprise but she slowed and kissed him back. Ammarh walked in on them “aw it’s nice you too finally got through that awkward bit, do us a favour tho and try keep the hands handsy stuff in the bedroom.

Nekron collected the fallen armour and opened a portal to the 7th he walked over the river and dumped it in there. He came back hours later. “Where’s the armour ?” Was ammarahs first question. “I don’t need it” he said and that was all. Scarlet was in the training room breaking the bags with the lightest hits. “What do I do?, god knows how long it’s been. I used to be normal, just plain Old scarlet raised in an orphanage. It started getting weird when everybody was getting older. I hit 18 and that was it I’ve not aged a day since eventually the people I grew with started to blame witchcraft so in the end I became a wanderer and then out of know where there’s a whole town looking for me and then you” she said and smiled “the one person through everything these last 400 that actually cared” she kissed him they pulled away he held her for a second then opened a portal they stepped through and they were in a garden a huge garden “I watched the humans build this a thousand years ago”
They sat on a tree branch high overlooking the whole garden “why does he want this place so bad?” Scarlet asked “it was written eons ago that this world was meant for man we are not to interfere with Mans progress but he didn’t believe that was correct so he challenged and he did so until he could take over the underworld but the underworld had never been enough for him he’s always wanted this world it was home to his people before it was mans.”
“But why were they moved?” She asked “The lord decreed one day that they had destroyed it too much and so he created man to inhabit its newly lifted planes….. we should get back” he said as he was about to open a portal “wait let me try” she said she pushed her energy and ripped through the air creating a portal. “Good now picture where your going to end up only you can decide where we’re going” nekron said she pictured her destination in her mind and the portal rippled ever so slightly and they walked through. They were in pennsylvania Philadelphia outside what was once an orphanage now a highschool. They looked around “I was born here in 1294” scarlet said “it’s now what 1992? That was 698 years ago” she sat on the side walk “look at this place” she said “scar we should go it’s sunrise soon people will be around soon.” Nekron said calmly she turned around to him and shifted back into her human form and stuck her tounge out. She was naked but within seconds she summoned a rose red dress and heels to her body.nekron shifted back to his human form and summoned himself a suit a smart shoes. They walked through the streets into the busy town as it began to wake from its slumber.
As they walked through the town they explored the wonders the city had to offer. They walked through a narrow street when nekron realised they were being followed “ there’s a woman following us” they turned down a dead end, the woman followed them in there “Scarlet” she said “ do you know my name?” Scarlet asked “you should come with me” she said so they followed this strange woman for about an a hour she lead them to a house in the middle of a quite suburb. They followed her in “Katie is that you honey” and elderly woman’s voice called “mama!” she called her mother her mother came through and took one look at scarlet and nearly fainted “oh my” she said falling onto the door. “Scarlet?” She asked as she got closer “how do you know my name?” “I’m your great great great great great great grand niece” the woman replied “but how I was raised in an orphanage” “your half human you get that from our side of the family” before you were born your mother had another child your half brother winston he was kept till he was five and sent to work shortly after you were born but your father had your mother killed and your brother didn’t know how to look after you so he paid the orphanage every week for your upkeep she. You were 14 a man used to walk by your window every morning for a whole year and every time he passed he looked you dead in the eye and that was him” visions of the man who would look through flooded her head every detail on his face crisp and every memory more painful than the last. “How do you know that” scarlet asked her eyes flooding with tears she asked her eldest son to pass the story on the four generations "we believed you were still alive each of us hoping to find you except me how could I deliver news of this Caliber to some one?” She replied “he left something for you” she went out the room and returned with a red ruby necklace “it’s made out of some silly gauntlet something about it falling I never did listen to much of my dad” scarlet picked it up and put it around her neck it sunk beneath her skin
visions of her brothers life flooded through her eyes she saw herself as a baby then him giving her to the guild she watched herself grow and then Stop growing she felt as her brother aged and moved through life she saw his children and then she felt his memories stop he had passed after 74 years.
Scarlet moved in and hugged the woman “ thank you” she said as tears flowed down her face,” scarlet we should go” nekron said “your right” she said pulling away from the woman “wait take this” the woman said and handed her a leather journal “good luck dear” she said “thank you” scarlet said drying her eyes “wait she said pass me your arm” the woman held out her arm and scarlet extended her nail and put a calling beakon in her hand. “Tap this 3 times with your index and middle finger on your left hand and I will come” she turned round opened a portal and her and nekron were gone.

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