Prince Nekron: King Demos

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He looked in awe at the child the legends only spoke of 4 princes how could this be, he smiled he knew what was to come or at least he thought he did........ Join Nekron and the team in Book one of the series as they venture through the underworld fighting for the peace to be restored will they succeed or will they fail?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Rise Of The Forgotten

It started with the killing of a brother. As grim fell he stared his brother in the face, in that moment demos was able to read his mind ‘you think I am done another will come’ as he fell into the river of holy water, laughing as he turned to ash. Demos jumped from the highpoint, as soon as demos landed he ripped through the fabric of the 7th, the amount of power he expelled would have killed any ordinary demon. The moment the portal to the 6th opened it began to shrink. He ran through, as he ran he tripped leaving his left arm trailing back, as his body fell through when the portal closed on his left arm slicing it perfectly. He let out a roar and within moments the demons guard was alert. Twenty-five death takers surrounded him. He was clasping his left arm at the point it was severe., He saw them surround him so he let go of his left arm and used his right hand to push himself up. As soon as his hand was free he snapped his fingers and a blood red flame began to burn the death takers until they were all naught but ash. He began to make his way to the main Palace there was the armour room which held the golden arm of Balfour the defiler, a prosthetic arm said to contain the strongest magic known to any demon, it is the arm of Balfour that creates the princes of the underworld.
He knew he had to get that arm once he had it he would bring the princes back but little did he know that shadows were returning.
He got to the palace, and kicked open the doors, their sat igrok the damned, it was said the way his form flew was the combined strength of his mind and his shift. But demos had spent the last 4000 years in the 7th no one could imagine the conditions he had to go through just to survive let alone escape.
‘It was decreed in the first era under the first ruler of the underworld Balfour the defiler that the one squad of death takers be locked in a pit named the seventh the squad lead by demos we're the most ruthless and vile beings to have walked and it was Balfour in his wisdom who combined the princes power and locked the squad away for good there two brothers demos and grim would devise an escape.
Igork stood and began fighting but he was no match for demos with a few strikes demos had his opponent where he wanted him he broke both his arms and his legs and threw him into a corner forcing him to watch as he ripped his wife and daughter limb from limb before finally putting him out of his misery. Once done he picked the jagged crown up and placed it on his head and summod 4 squads of death takers. “Go out into the mortal realm” he ordered “bring me back four children”, and with that they all left.
Hours later they all returned and 4 princes were named, as the last prince was complete demos collapsed into the throne.the amount of power it took to create one Prince let alone four is magnificent so demos now tired was about to drift off when the door swung open it and through it walked one of the sisters of pain, a wretched looking woman who could barely walk straight, she was holding a baby. Demos barley got to stand when the left hand shot out a black flame hitting the child. He tried to stop but the grip got tighter. He screamed as he pushed all the energy through until BOOOM!
The room was destroyed and everything was turned to dust the sister of pain that had brought the child was dead and demos was barley able to push his self back to his feet. He looked at the child, shock and awe spreading across his face. The child was manifested into a creature by the black flames…..., almost instantly the father thought of grim. Then he smiled and continued. Nekron was born.
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