Prince Nekron: King Demos

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Chapter 2: Nekron

Over a hundred years had passed and the underworld had never ran smother. Demos had his squad and the princes and the territory just seemed to be rolling in. Nekron was spearheading attacks on anything he was commanded, however the more territory he acquired the more he began to question the purpose of all this. Nekron was a machine, he was built for battle of all the princes he was the strongest his power would one day become greater than even demoses. As he sat underneath the stars his mind grew very clouded visions of a skeleton falling from a Cliff shrouded his mind. What did it mean. A demon approached him and dropped on one knee “my lord we await your command” he said with the greatest respect. Nekron opened his eyes slowly “ you know I've never really liked my father” he said to his soldier. “What kind of a leader sends his children to battle for his gain…… you want to know why I lead every battle personally and not let you go in yourselves?" The soldier shook his head "Because the best leader is the one who through the war is by his peoples side. Remember that”, with that he walked to the front of the army
The war was quick and the opposition dealt with.
As nekron returned to his area a messenger arrived for him, “my lord” he said as he dropped to one knee “ your Father has requested your council”
“Ahh finally the old relic wants to see me have my things sent home and find norigor he's in charge now.” With that he summoned a portal back home.
He arrived in the royal Throne room. Demos sat listening to the list of acquired territory. “ The eastern province is controlled now entirely by us; many big northern colonies have been eradicated…”
“And each one of those colonies fell to my blade.” Nekron interrupted. “Leave us” demos ordered. “ I trust that the war is going well?” he asked when they were alone “well you tell me you have the numbers” he replied sarcastically “your sarcasm will get you nowhere in this house or are you forgetting your childhood.” Flashbacks washed over nekrons mind of being trained by demos and his squad and how brutal their training methods were . “Enough” demos said watching nekron remember “I have a job for you there's a girl hiding in eilmarsh find her bring her back alive.” and with that nekron left.
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