Prince Nekron: King Demos

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Chapter 4: The Seventh

Nekron smacked the ground and they were on him within seconds he pulled out his sword and began battle.
60 years later
Nekron ran through the barren wasteland they were gaining on him his sword scratched and worn down his armour ripped and scratched he continued to run the one closest to him fell on all fours and ran at him. It jumped and at the last second Nekron stopped and pushed his sword into its chest he sent his black flames into the wound and it exploded the thing into a million pieces. He turned and continue running. He ran till he came to the edge of a clif. He looked over and saw a lake of holy water. He jumped to the bank below. And hid out of site. They came to the edge of the Cliff and looked over. After they couldn't spot him they turned and left Nekron stood up from his hiding spot. He scanned the lake and his surroundings. He was about to sit down when he spotted an hole in the lake . A perfect circle in the middle of the lake . He shifted and pushed his armour to its strongest form . He stepped into the lake his iron skin cracked against the Holy water. He swam till he reached the circle. He looked into the circle at the bottom of the lake bed sat a black iron mask. Nekron reached down and picked it up it pulled him up out the lake and threw him onto the river bank and fell down next to him. Nekron awoke to the humidity. He hadn't eaten in 60 years. He got up and picked up the black iron mask and examined it. It clearly had some sort of magic. He pressed it to his face and it stuck on instantly he tried to pull it off but he began to sink behind his face. The power was unreal. He tried pulling the mask off, but as he did so his body began levitating of the ground. He was floating in mid air when he began to spin a cocoon of Shadows he brandished his sword and a metal rams skull appeared connecting the hilt to the blade he dropped out of the cocoon and fell to the ground. They heard the crash they all began running to him. His armour looked brand new he was on one knee. There was new engravings on his armour,they came and he wiped the first hoard out clean. He knew more would be on their way. He pushed all his power into a portal to the 6th he stepped through and breathed a sigh of relief he was greeted by the red fiery sky of the 6th
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