Prince Nekron: King Demos

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Chapter 6: Scarlet

Nekron got up and dropped to his knees smashing the ground with his firsts, “I thought this would be enough.” he screamed
“Against him? your joking right?” demo's bastard daughter said. “YOU'RE still here?” Nekron asked, only becoming aware of how rude that sounded “urn yeah I'm still here is there something wrong with that I can actually help you I know pretty much his whole life story even the bits before you were precious prince Nekron.” She said with a slight scorn. “Sorry I only realised how rude that must have sounded.” Nekron replied “please go on”
“It all happened around 4000 years ago during the first age five demon princes had been made 4 of red blood one of black. It was said each prince was to govern a certain aspect of the underworld red for souls blue for tourture green for greed orange for disease but the fifth black was seaside only for war. Battalions of demons flight to secure the 6 layers and cast the wretched beings into the 7th
But one battalion insisted on getting more fathers. He, konar, theidor,nagre,lornor and his brother grimm were banished to the 7th pit and with them there dream of conquest. Over time and many kings the father broke out of the 7th he slayed the high king and imposed a new law. The 5 princes were reinstated and here we are today.”
“You said grim his brother where is he?” Nekron asked. There is a story told once by father then passed as whispers they say that father lost his brother to the beings forced to live in the 7th However the real story is that the day father had realised how to escape he tried to steal his brothers power however it was only borrowed. He cast his brother of the Cliff into a lake of acid water leaving only his iron mask.” You mean this iron mask” and nekron shifted. His armour was ebony black with engravings all over it an on his face was a black iron mask with no mouthpiece or nose piece and rectangles for eye holes. He drew his sword and like a spell demo's daughter spat out “ a shadow warrior will appear with the sword of the ram he will be the one to bring peace to the 6 layers. Only the ram sword can defeat him.” She breathed a gasp of air “sorry” she said panting “that happens sometimes.” “.........You don't know what you can do do you?” Nekron asked. “What are you on about?”she asked. “My god no one's shown you, you have no prince.” “Of course not I'm devoted to the hunters guild.” “ your demon blood will call out to the flames and The amount of power you could have in you could wipe a whole load of demons out guild or not, but it can be intoxicating of you let it. As it stands now I could kill you and have your body turned into ash by the time you've batted an eyelash. But instead” he said as he sliced his hand open and summoned the chalse, “I'm going to unlock your power and show you your way.” He let afew more trickle of blood fall into the chalse and the gave it her “your choice just know as a demon you are forced to feed at least once every 10 years I generally eat the most violent ones.” She looked at the chalice and then downd the contents of it. Her skin began to burn it hurt it felt like it was gonna explode. Smoke began rising from her flesh, her skin was getting harder and she was getting taller a dark red flame began to swirl her into a cocoon it supercharged with energy then exploded. Nekron stood perfectly still. The flame was a bright red then it began to cool down before it became a blackish red and then she stepped through her dark rose armour stepping out the flame kissing every curve on her body her rose coloured hair falling softly on her iron rose iron shoulders she pushed her wait on to her toes and began to float. She had been gifted by the prince of war. Nekron decided in that moment to see who was still loyal to him; he drew his sword and raised it till it was eye level with the tip to point it out. 100 demons appear from know where all knelt on one knee and swords bared and held down so that the tip was poking the ground. Norigor approached nekron “my lord there's are all that remain loyal to you. My apologies I tried my best to lead them I have failed you.” Nekron looks up and at him then out at the hundred men that stood before him. “100 men”he said slowly questioning the phrase “the fact that even on man followed you makes you a great leader, those who did not come chose to not come because they cannot except what will be, the hardest choices require the strongest wills'' he shouted the last statement to the men ``and when I look out at this battalion my battalion what do I see I see men with the will to push us into greatness to do the hard thing and I see a leader who has the capability to get the job done. Go I will call on you when the time is right.” “Norigor” nekron called removing his own cloak of leadership and giving it to norigor “I will call on you when the time is right” norigors eyes began to fill with tears "its and honour my lord" he replied looking at the cloak. "No norigor to have served next to a demon such as yourself was my greatest honour." Nekron said and knelt Infront of the new general. Norigor threw the cloak on and it fastened to his skin making him the new general of the army. Nekron got up as they left.
“Girl what's your name” nekron asked “scarlet” she replied. He grinned let's go, it's time for training.

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