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The immortal Witch Hunter

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Cursed to watch the world to the end of time the child raised by the wolves declares his immortal life to the hunting and eradication of witch craft but watch as his love and his curse become intertwined until the fateful day.........

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was during the summer. I vaguely remember the sound of heavy rain and……. The heat.
Innocence. I call this chapter of my life innocence for I feel this is my most innocent year of my whole life. I vaguely rememer this year like many things it is lost to me.
I think I remember my mother…. Her warmth….
My name is dragons breath I was born on august the 4th 154A.D and have been a witch hunter fkrthe past 1763 years. I have devoted my life to seeking out witches and destroying them. In the following I will disclose my entire 1863 years on the planet.
Let's begin
I was born to a french couple who lived in a little village to the south of france. There's not much I can really say about my birth only that it must have been an eventful day. Both my mother and father were killed on the day of my birth , so that's not a very good start .
Days aftfter my birth I would some how wind up in the forest surrounded by nothing but a pack hungry wolf's. I don't remember how I made it past that day all I know is that from then on the same beasts that would have killed me would instead raise me with all its survival instincts.

It was when I was 18 that I first saw her ‘Ammarah’ , the hidden member of the pack.
The ones only the female of the pack took food to. When I had first seen the females take food to Her I had imagined she would have been another wolf , however the first time I lay eyes on her I was shocked to find out she was like me, but not like me, she had these weird things on her neck. She spoke to me in a language I didn't understand at first in a language that I would later lern is English.
She would teach me everyday from sunrise to sunset, I would learn the pronunciation of the words, the way some phrases said in a different tone would imply hidden meaning behind what one said and the way words would be written and read.

100 years passed.
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