Memoirs of a Bavarian Illuminati Hunter II

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Fight the good fight alongside Sebastian Drechsler, flawed student of 1785's Ingolstadt University, as he battles through his next amazing adventure. Led by the wiley Professor Van Halestrom he must learn the secrets of the Ancient Mystery School before the Bavarian Illuminati overthrow the world's financial institutions and trick mankind into eternal debt slavery. "Cool weapons, nail-biting chases and a good old fashioned wise-cracking hero fighting the forces of international evil with a beautiful but deadly woman by his side make Illuminati Hunter the 007 of the 1700's." Ethan Harrison Republisher.

Adventure / Mystery
Ethan Harrison
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After the successful republication of Illuminati Hunter, I was contacted by the great granddaughter of the owner of Necromancer, the English publishers that originally printed the book in 1913. To my surprise she told me that she had come across the three subsequent volumes planned for serialisation which never saw the light of day and, after a quick negotiation, they came into my hands. As with the first book, after this brief introduction, the following text, aside from the addition of the footnotes and the rear appendix, is an exact reprint of the next episode of these extraordinary and previously unreleased volumes.

There are many things which inspired me to republish this book. Mainly because, like the first, it is a marvellous read written in a surprisingly modern style that I am sure many readers will appreciate. But also, as with its predecessor, when I checked the details of the story on the internet I found that many of the claims, however unbelievable, were backed up by existing records or so close that it is impossible to believe they could all be coincidence. Hence the footnotes so you can see for yourself.

If the story contained within these volumes is true then it would throw an entirely new light on what is already an enthralling period of history. I am sure that you will find it fascinating, especially if you explore the E Book links or the website addresses in the paperback’s appendix. I hope that you enjoy researching the background of this exciting adventure as much as I have and, of course, that you are thrilled by the incredible story itself.

E. Harrison 2019

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