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The adventures of Jack & Sawyer

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Jack and his four-legged companion, Sawyer, take on their world that is smaller than they think. When life is flipped up-side-down they discover their limits are not quite what they expected them to be.

Adventure / Action
Jesse G. Speight
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Chapter 1

Once there was a boy, his name was Jack. Jack lived with his dad and mom. His dad’s name is Samuel and his mom’s name is Jasmine. Jack loves his parents, he remembers going to the beach and collecting seashells with them. His mother would use the shells to make beautiful ornaments and decorations. Jack would also go searching for sand crabs with his dad, they would compete to see who could find the most. The winner would get the first pick from the sweet snacks his mom would pack for such trips.

Jack is sixteen years old and he is the only child of the family. He and his family live very far away from other people, they live in the middle of the woods. His parents like the privacy and comfort of being so far away from other people, this also caused Jack to grow up with not many friends. That is if you don’t count Sawyer.

Sawyer is a dog, a dog roughly 100 pounds and his breed is unknown. Jack found Sawyer as a little pup while he was walking through the woods looking for something to do, Sawyer was also walking through the woods but for a very different reason. He was looking for food to bring back to his sick mother whom Jack found after following Sawyer back to their shelter. The shelter was some small trees that fell over and had enough space under them to fit Sawyer and his mother. Jack took them both home because he wanted to help Sawyer and his sick mother. As the two dogs being stray they had no names, so Jack named them Sawyer and Suzie. Jack’s dad was against the whole idea of having two dogs and claimed that the farm was already hard enough as it was, but Jack’s mom took them and nursed them back to health. Jack’s mom is very talented in treating the farm animals and the occasional Jack. Sadly, a few weeks later Suzie died, Jack was fifteen.

Jack and Sawyer were always together, they couldn’t be pulled apart. Wherever Jack went, Sawyer was loyally following, ready for their next adventure. They spent most of their time in the woods trying to find something to do, but at least once a week Jack’s dad would take them fishing. Fishing was an activity that Jack enjoyed, it was also a source of food. Jack and his dad were always competing to get the biggest or the most fish. The two didn’t talk much, Jack just enjoyed being with his dad. Jack’s dad didn’t talk much, to begin with, Jack was always told that his dad went through something when he was younger, and ever since he hasn’t talked much. They promised to tell Jack when he was older but that didn’t stop him from snooping, he didn’t find much in his searching.

Jack’s mom was a very strong and beautiful woman. Her emotional strength was matched by her physical strength, his mom was really strong. She would sing to Jack when he was younger, her voice was so calming and soft. Jack’s mom is also very smart and talented when Jack’s dad would question the decisions she would respond with, ‘because I said so’, which seemed to answer everything for him. His mom could do anything his dad could do and sometimes better than he could. When Jack was seven his mom got sick and it made it hard for her to do anything.

Jack’s dad had to tend to the farm every day, so it was Jack and Sawyer’s job to take care of his mom. Jack and Sawyer would cook her soup or stew of some kind for her, but his cooking skills were horrible, so he would mainly read to her or talk to her about the daily news. A previous conversation went like this:

“So Jack how’s the fishing like lately?” his mom asked.

“Well, the fish have been going to deeper water, so Pa said we’ll throw our lines a little deeper next time,” Jack said

“Why are they going to deeper water?” his mother questioned.

“Pa said because is it getting colder, but I think the fish are getting smarter,” Jack said looking into deep thought as if he was creating a way to trick the fish.

“Smarter? What makes you think that?” his mother smiled

“When Pa and I went fishing weeks ago we would catch several decent-sized fish, but lately we have caught one or two small fish. So they started going to deeper water to stay away from our lines.” Jack grimaced as if being tricked by the fish was the worst thing ever.

Conversations like these were the type that Jack enjoyed but sometimes their talks would make him sad or uncomfortable. Today’s conversation was the sad type.

“Jack I love you,” his mom said.

“I love you too mama,” Jack said smiling.

“Can you make a promise to me?” his mom asked

“Of course, Ma,” Jack smiled lightly.

"I know you and your pa don’t get along sometimes but when I’m gone he will be all you have left and I just want you to take care of him. Can you do that for me Jack?” she asked. The weight of such a promise caused Jack’s throat to tighten up.

“Ma, you aren’t going anywhere, you’re going to get better and be here with Pa, Me, and Sawyer,” Jack feels the tears in his eyes.

“Jack, promise you’ll take care of Pa,” his mom presses


“Promise me, Jack,” his mother cuts him off. Jack didn’t want to accept the fact that his mother was very sick and that her leaving wasn’t a question of if, but when.

“I promise mom, but that doesn’t mean you can stop trying to get better. Promise me, mom, that you’ll try to get better,” Jack wipes the tear from his eye.

“I promise,” his mom said.

“I love you, ma,” Jack hugs her mother tightly

“I love you too,” his mother returns the embrace.

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