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When Shona runs off it's up to me to go into the ever feared Prickly Forest to find her. After finding out the truth about The Prickly Forest my life takes one heck of a turn, and I gain a little sister.

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Chapter 1

Shona had never been a good dragon. She was always causing trouble somewhere, and never seemed to get along with the other dragons. Being her caretaker meant I got blamed for everything she did, which hardly seemed fair. I treated Shona just like how Mom and Dad had taught me to treat a dragon, which was to be very strict and never give in to fussing. Which is exactly what I did, but no, I got blamed whenever Shona stole another dragon’s food, and all the times that she had stayed up all night whining.

And now here I was trying to find her. Shona had run off before, but I had quickly found her. It was pretty easy to find a runaway dragon. All the other dragons behaved so well, It was easy to spot one that was flying at high speeds for seemingly no reason, not to mention her purple coloring made her stand out.

But now Shona had gone into The Prickly Forest. The Prickly Forest was a place of danger, poison, and more then anything else death. It was divided from the rest of the world by a red spray paint border, and It was said that if you crossed that border you never came back. The Prickly Forest was something no one ever talked about. Except in school, where they would tell you how dangerous it was.

When Shona had run off I went looking for her right away, and had found her at the edge of town catching her breath. I tried everything to get her to come back home with me, but in the end she flew on and I watched her disappear into The Prickly Forest. I was devastated and ran back home not knowing what else to do.

When I told Mom and Dad what had happened, Dad had just shaken his head and sighed.

“Well,” Mom had said. “I think this is for the best, I mean Shona was a terrible dragon. And besides we can always get you a new, better trained dragon.”

I knew Mom was right that Shona was a bad dragon, and that we could get another dragon that was well-behaved. But Shona was my dragon. I had gotten her when I had turned twelve, as was the custom to get a dragon on your twelfth birthday. And even though Shona was a bad dragon, she still meant a lot to me.

When I told this to my parents, Dad had said to me, “Shona’s in The Prickly Forest now, There’s nothing you can do. She was only two years old. She was so small and defenseless, so she’s probably dead by now. So like your Mother said well get you a new dragon.”

I didn’t believe that Shona was dead, not for a second. Though Mom and Dad were convinced otherwise, and wouldn’t let me go find her.

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