Dino Knights Book One A New Age

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Chapter Two

“Come on Emily, we don’t want to be late to school.” Ruth said, looking at her watch as she spoke. It was already seven-ten. “If we’re late again, we will be getting a detention.” Ruth was tempted to leave her sister behind but she couldn’t. She had promised their mother that she would look out for her little sister before their mother had died.

“I’m coming.” Emily called out as she came out of their foster home. She straightened her school uniform out. “I couldn’t find the right hair bow to wear.” Emily hated wearing school uniforms, especially since she wanted to become a paleontologist when she grew up.

Ruth rolled her eyes and looked at her school uniform. Ever since they had gotten the new principal, Principal Fair, the school uniform had become the new dress code. Black pants, a white shirt, red tie and gray vest for the boys. A black skirt, a white shirt, a red tie and a navy blue jacket for the girls. Ruth hated the school uniform but it was the only school closest to their foster home and the only one their foster parents could afford.

Emily went up to her sister. “You’re lucky you graduating this year.” Emily told Ruth as they started walking to Westcrest Junior High and High School. “You get to get away from these uniforms and actually create a life for yourself. Me, I’ll be stuck in the high school part for the next four years.”

Ruth smiled. “And while you’re in high school, I’ll be working my butt off so I can afford a place for the both of us to live at once you’re out of high school.” She told her little sister. She could already picture the future. “You’ll be able to go to college to learn how to do paleontology and I’ll become a famous artist.”

Emily had to admit the dream that Ruth had did sound pretty nice. She wanted that kind of life. Their foster home was nice but it wasn’t freedom. They always had to be home by six in the evening, they couldn’t go anywhere besides school without telling the foster parents and more than half the time, one of the foster parents would take them to wherever it was they were going.

As the two walked, Ruth saw something out of the corner of her eyes. She turned to her left and laughed.

Emily looked at her. “What’s so funny?” She asked her big sister.

Ruth pointed. “It looks like Mr. Wilson is running late to school as well.” She replied, looking at her science teacher who was getting into his car. Mr. Wilson had just started working at the high school part of the building. He seemed pretty cool and his classroom was filled with the coolest stuff ever. From the cool movie and television posters to the large picture of several friends of his and him in weird-looking costumes that looked like something from a cosplaying convention.

Emily looked at Ruth’s science teacher. “He lives close to our foster home?” She asked. “Maybe he’ll give us a ride to school. That way we won’t be late.”

Ruth couldn’t help but laugh at that. “Right.” She said. “That would just give Abigail another reason to call me teacher’s pet.” Ruth was referring to Abigail, the “Queen Bee” of Westcrest Junior High and High School. She was one of the meanest girls in the entire twelfth grade, if not both sides of the school building.

Ruth was about to keep walking when Mr. Wilson pulled up next to her and her sister. “Do you two need a ride to school?” Mr. Wilson asked them. “So that you’re not late.” Ruth was about to say no but Emily said yes. Mr. Wilson parked his car, letting the two girls get into his car. “I would hate to see my star student get a detention.” Mr. Wilson continued.

Ruth looked at Mr. Wilson. “You know we’ve been late to school twice already?” She asked, taken aback a little. She didn’t realize that Mr. Wilson knew that.

Mr. Wilson nodded. “Mr. Fair keeps complaining about students being late during the last teacher meeting and he listed down each student who is one tardy away from getting a detention.” He explained before shaking his head. “I tell you, sometimes it sounds like Mr. Fair would rather be anywhere but school.”

Ruth couldn’t help but smile. Mr. Wilson was definitely not like other teachers. Most teachers wouldn’t give rides to students and they most certainly wouldn’t talk about their boss the way that Mr. Wilson just did.

Mr. Wilson pulled into the teacher’s parking lot at the school building a few minutes later. “Here we go.” He looked at his watch. “Fifteen minutes before the bell rings for everyone to go to their class.” He looked at the sisters. “Get going. You don’t want to get detentions.”

Ruth and Emily nodded before they walked away. Emily looked up at Ruth. “He seems pretty cool.” Emily told Ruth.

Ruth nodded. “He’s awesome.” She replied. “Most of my classmates who has his class enjoy it.” Mr. Wilson was definitely not like other teachers.

Inside the school building, the sisters parted ways to go to their respective parts of the building. As Ruth was walking, she was joined by her best friend Taylor. “Did I just see your sister and you get out of Mr. Wilson’s car?” Taylor asked her friend teasingly.

Ruth rolled her eyes. “Yes Taylor.” She replied. “Mr. Wilson lives close to the foster home Emily and I are at. He was just being nice.”

Taylor laughed as she saw that Ruth was blushing. “Do you know how lucky you are?” Taylor asked. “I mean do you know how many girls here have a puppy crush on him? He’s the youngest, not to mention good looking, teacher on staff here.”

Ruth looked at her friend. “Sounds like you have a puppy crush on him as well.” Ruth told Taylor. Ruth knew that Taylor was right though. She did have a puppy crush on Mr. Wilson. It was amazing that Mr. Wilson was able to still work there given how many girls had a crush on him. Not just the students though. Some of the female teachers had a crush on him as well. There was just something about him.

Mr. Wilson went into his classroom and sat down at his teacher’s desk. He looked at a picture that was on his desk. It was of him and a few other teens. They were all in black pants and black jackets that were zipped up. He sighed a little. He missed those days.

That was when he felt it. A slight chill in the air. It was a feeling that he hadn’t felt in a long time. He stood up and went to the window. He looked outside. It looked normal enough outside. Yet there was something that seemed a bit off.

Mr. Wilson looked at his desk’s top drawer. He was ready if there was a serious threat. He just hoped that it didn’t come to the school or that he would need what he had there.

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