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Chapter Three

Towards the end of the school day, Taylor and Ruth were walking towards the junior high section so Ruth could pick up Emily. As they were walking, another girl blocked them. “Well, well, well. Look who it is.” The new girl said. “Tweedledee and Tweedledum.”

Ruth and Taylor looked at each other before they looked back at the girl. “Abigail.” Ruth said. “Don’t you have anywhere else to be instead of blocking us from getting my little sister?”

Abigail shook her head and shoved Ruth down to the ground. “I could be in detention but I decided that messing with you was a better choice.” Abigail replied before she pushed Taylor into the lockers. “After all, nothing like picking on the poor little foster girl.” Abigail laughed a little as she spoke.

Ruth glared at Abigail. She did not like how Abigail was making her living at a foster home sound like a joke. She stood up. “Leave us alone Abigail.” She said, clenching her fists as she spoke. Ruth normally didn’t do violence but Abigail was really pushing it.

“What are you going to do about it, foster girl?” Abigail asked, moving in to shove Ruth. Ruth dodged Abigail and shoved her right into the hard wall. Abigail cried out in pain as she held her nose just as Principal Fair came around the corner.

Principal Fair’s eyes widened when he saw Ruth shove Abigail into the wall. “Ms. Jones, what do you think you’re doing, pushing other students around?”

Taylor quickly stepped forward. “Abigail started it by shoving Ruth and me around.” She told Principal Fair. “Ruth was just trying to defend herself.”

Principal Fair looked at Taylor. “Ms. Smith, unless you want a detention as well, I suggest you get moving.” Principal Fair then turned to Ruth and Abigail. “Both of you to detention now.” He ordered them. “It’s in Mr. Jacobson’s room. Get moving.”

A few minutes later, outside of the junior high part of the building, Emily was looking around for her older sister when Taylor went up to her. “Hey Emily, Ruth won’t be able to get you.” Taylor told her.

Emily frowned. “Did Ruth get detention?” She asked. That was the only reason she could think of for her older sister not being there.

Taylor nodded. “Abigail landed them both in detention.” She explained.

Emily nodded. “So the Queen Bee strikes again.” She said. She knew of Abigail and how she acted like a queen at the entire school building.

Taylor couldn’t help but laugh at that. “She did indeed.” She said. “Come on, I’ll walk you home.”

As they started walking, Emily saw something weird. “Do you see that?” Emily asked, pointing.

Taylor was about to ask when she saw what Emily saw. Her eyes widened. There was a person in a weird-looking pink costume and a guy that looked like a biker from a post-apocalyptic movie walking towards the high school part of the building. The biker guy had a jagged sword in his hand. Taylor looked around. Either no one else had seen them or no one could see them. Taylor was quite certain that there was no way that Emily and she were having the same hallucination.

“What do you think they’re doing here?” Emily asked.

Taylor looked at her. “I don’t know but I doubt it can be good.” She replied. “We better go find your sister.” Taylor wasn’t about to let Emily lose her sister.

In Mr. Wilson’s room, Mr. Wilson looked towards the door as the cold chill in the air returned. There was no mistaking it. The cold chill in the air could only mean one thing. He opened his desk drawer and looked at a card case. It was small, sleek and was silver with a golden cobra on it. Mr. Wilson took it out. “So it begins again.” He said.

In detention, Ruth looked at her watch. She still had nearly an hour left before she could leave. She looked around her. Besides Abigail and her, a nerd was sitting at a corner desk and a skateboarder. Ruth was willing to bet that the skateboarder had been caught skateboarding in school and that the nerd had hacked the school’s grading system.

Ruth looked at Mr. Jacobson. The teacher looked bored. Like he was about to fall asleep at any given time. She wondered if the teacher would. It would definitely make detention funny.

The door burst open, startling everyone, making Mr. Jacobson jump up and Abigail choke on her gum. Ruth’s eyes widened when she saw Taylor and Emily. She quickly ran over to them. “Please don’t tell me that you both got detentions as well.” She said. That was the last thing she wanted.

Taylor shook her head. They didn’t have time for this. “We all need to get out of here.” She told everyone there. “There are two psychos here. One has a sword.”

Mr. Jacobson stood up. “Taylor and whoever you are,” He pointed at Emily as he spoke. “You both need to leave. This is detention, not come see your friends time.”

Taylor was about to say something when she saw something out of the corner of her left eye. She turned to see the biker guy and the pink costume person come around the corner. She quickly pushed Emily into the room before she went in. Taylor turned off the light and closed the door, locking it quickly.

Mr. Jacobson went up to her. “Taylor, unlock this door right now.” He ordered.

Taylor shook her head and held a finger to her lips before pointing at the window in the door.

Mr. Jacobson sighed and looked through it. His eyes widened when he saw the biker guy and the pink costume person. He never thought that someone would enter the school with a sword. He looked at the students. “Up against the wall and stay quiet.” He whispered to them.

Stygian and Bubble Gumstar looked around the hallway as they walked. “Where do you think the threat is?” Bubble Gumstar asked.

Stygian didn’t answer. It had taken them all day to find the school and he wasn’t in a good mood to talk. He made a mental note that when this was all over, he would ask the Benefactor to give him new minions that wouldn’t talk as much. He then stopped walking and smiled. “Looks like we found the threat.” He said.

Bubble Gumstar was about to ask what he meant when she looked at what he was looking at. “Oh my.” She said, holding a hand up to her mouth.

Ruth peeked through the door window. She wanted to see what the others had seen them made them act this way. Her eyes widened with what she saw.

Standing in front of Stygian and Bubble Gumstar was a strange looking guy. He was in a black bodysuit with silver armor over his chest. He had knee-high silver boots and silver gauntlets on his hands. His helmet completely encased his head and looked a bit like a cobra hood. There was a silver visor over the guy’s eyes. He had a silver belt on and in the center front of it was a silver card case with a cobra on the center. In his left hand was a cobra staff and in his right hand was a curved blade that looked like a cobra’s tail.

“It’s been a while since I saw people like you.” The silver warrior said to Stygian and Bubble Gumstar. “Ten years or so in fact.” He took a step towards them.

Stygian raised his blade up. “Then your destruction has been late for ten years.” He said.

Bubble Gumstar nodded and a pink baton appeared in her hands. “What he said.”

The warrior laughed. “You clearly have no idea who or what I am, do you?” He asked before he raised his blade up. “I am Knight Poison, a Knight and a defender of Earth.” With those words, Knight Poison charged the two.

Ruth watched the three fight. She had no idea who any of them were but it would make this day hard to forget. She noticed that the three seemed evenly matched. She wondered how they had all managed to bring weapons into the school without the alarm going off. Surely the metal detectors would have gone off.

Ruth looked at the silver-encased warrior. He looked like a superhero from the comic books and the old children’s shows she used to watch when she was little. He also seemed to have the upper hand in the fight. Without realizing it, she accidentally unlocked the door.

The door opened and Ruth fell to the floor, causing the three to stop fighting and look at her. Ruth stood up. “Don’t mind me.” She said in a small voice before she went back into the classroom and locked the door.

Knight Poison, realizing that there were children in the building still, decided that he had to finish the fight quickly. He stabbed the ground with his cobra sword and pulled the top of his cobra staff up. He reached for his card-case and removed a card before sliding it into his cobra staff. “Final Move.” He said.

Stygian and Bubble Gumstar backed away as a silver cobra appeared on Knight Poison’s arm. The cobra hissed angrily before launching itself at them. As the cobra hit them, it exploded, sending the two flying back.

Stygian and Bubble Gumstar both got back up. “I think we should get out of here.” Bubble Gumstar told Stygian, looking at him in the process. “The Benefactor never said anything about having to fight against powers like that.”

Stygian looked at Bubble Gumstar. As much as he hated to admit it. He knew that Bubble Gumstar was right. He looked at Knight Poison. “This isn’t over yet.” He told Knight Poison.

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