Dino Knights Book One A New Age

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Chapter Four

Ruth unlocked the door and looked out into the hallway. She didn’t see the biker guy or the pink costume person. She looked down the other way. Her eyes widened as she saw the silver warrior walking away. “Wait!” She called out after him. She wanted to know who he was and what he was doing at the school. She took off running after him.

Taylor and Emily peeked out from the hallway and watched Ruth run away. “Ruth, wait for us!” Taylor called out after her. Taylor looked at Mr. Jacobson and the other students. They were all hiding still. “The bad guys are gone.” Taylor told them before Emily and her left.

Ruth kept running. She couldn’t lose the silver warrior. She had to find out what was going on. She watched him turn the corner. A few seconds later, a bright silver light appeared. Ruth turned the corner and stopped running. In front of her was a bright silver glowing circle. It looked like it led somewhere.

Ruth was about to step into it when she heard someone call her name. She turned to see Taylor and Emily running up to her.

“Ruth, you don’t know where that goes.” Taylor was saying. Taylor looked at the silver circle. “Are you seriously thinking about going through that?” Taylor asked.

Ruth nodded. “I want to find out who that guy was, what he was doing here and who those two weird looking people were.” She told them. She looked at her best friend and little sister. She could tell that they both wanted to know as well. “This might be our only chance to fight out what is going on.” Ruth turned to the circle and jumped into it.

Ruth looked around as she landed in what looked like a large cavern. Her eyes widened. There were computer screens on one wall. A golden cobra took up all of the computer screens. She turned to see a table with a few chairs around it. Beyond the table was a wooden floor built above the rocky ground. On the wooden floor was a carpet, a television and a chair. On the far rocky wall, Ruth saw what looked like elevator doors. She looked up. Above her were hanging lights. She frowned. How did the silver warrior get those to hang and work? She turned to see Taylor and Emily stepping through.

“Where are we?” Emily asked as she looked around. “This doesn’t look like the school.”

“You’re right.” Ruth said. “It sort of looks like a superhero’s underground lair.” As soon as Ruth said that, she sort of expected a butler to come out of the elevator.

That was when they heard someone clear his throat. All three girls turned towards the larger part of the cavern. The silver warrior was standing there with his arms crossed over his chest. “What are you three doing here?” He asked.

Emily took a step back as Ruth took a step forward. “Who are you?” Ruth asked. “What were you doing at our school?”

The silver warrior held his arms out. A bright silver glow appeared around him. “Power down.” The silver warrior said. His warrior appearance vanished, leaving Mr. Wilson standing there in his teaching outfit. “I work at your school.” He told them. “I’m still Mr. Wilson.”

Taylor went towards him. “Are you a superhero?” She asked. “That is so cool if you are.”

Mr. Wilson looked at Taylor. “I am technically called a “Knight”. Different from superheroes.” He told her before he looked at all three. “Knight Poison to be exact.”

Ruth frowned. “What is a Knight?” She asked. She had never heard of a Knight before.

Mr. Wilson sighed. “Take a seat.” He told the three girls, gesturing to the seats. He waited until all three girls were sitting before he took out his card case and sat down with them. “A Knight is a defender of the world, or rather was a defender of the world until about ten years ago.” He explained. “We protected the world against all sorts of evil.”

“My younger sister, her name is Emily as well, was a Knight as well. I was sixteen and she was fourteen. She was Knight Cyrus.” Mr. Wilson pointed to a picture frame on the table.

The three girls looked at it. It was a picture of a teenage boy and a teenage girl. They were both wearing black pants and black zipped-up jackets. The girl had curly blonde hair and the boy had curly black hair. “That was you Mr. Wilson?” Taylor asked.

Mr. Wilson nodded. “We were just two of the hundreds of Knights.” He told the three. “We all worked together to protect the world from old evils.”

Emily snapped her fingers, causing everyone to look at her. “Ten years ago?” She asked. She looked at Ruth. “Remember what Uncle Frederick said?” She asked her older sister.

Ruth nodded as she thought back to what her uncle had said. She looked at Mr. Wilson. “Do you know a Frederick King by any chance?” She asked him.

Mr. Wilson frowned. “I do.” He said in a disapproving voice. “He was president back then and our biggest opponent. He nearly had the Knights arrested for what happened in Cleveland Ohio. He was the reason that the Knights had to disappear.”

Ruth wasn’t surprised to hear that. She remembered how her uncle had always said that superheroes were a menace and needed to be locked away. It was why Ruth had to hide her comic books.

“He isn’t the President anymore.” Taylor said. “So why don’t you guys come out of hiding? You’re not illegal anymore and you helped so many people. I mean our history teacher last year taught us how several good teens and adults helped with the Cleveland Situation.”

Mr. Wilson smiled a little. “Most of us retired from the Knight business.” He explained. “A handful of us kept the Knight Changers,” He raised his card case up. “in case we would ever be needed again.”

“Like today?” Ruth asked, causing the others to look at her. “I take it the dude with the sword and the pink thing were bad guys.”

Mr. Wilson nodded. “Back when there was evil to fight, the Knights could always sense when evil was on the move.” He explained. “I sensed them coming into the building so I transformed into Knight Poison.”

“Can we become Knights?” Taylor asked.

Ruth nodded. “We can help you fight those weird creatures.” She told Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson shook his head. “No.” He told them. “They were looking for me. You would just be putting yourselves in danger by trying to join me.” He let that sink in before he continued. “I need to find out who exactly sent them because whoever it was, knows what I am and where I was.”

Ruth realized that Mr. Wilson was right. “You think that whoever it was will keep coming for you until they’ve captured you.” She said.

Mr. Wilson stood up. “Take the elevator.” He told them. “It’ll take you upstairs into my house. Go home and don’t tell anyone what you’ve discovered.” He leaned towards them. “The Knights always worked in secrecy and I plan to keep it that way.”

As the girls were walking towards the elevator, Ruth turned back to Mr. Wilson. “You don’t have to fight this new threat alone.” She told him. “We can help you.” She turned and got into the elevator.

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