Dino Knights Book One A New Age

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Chapter Five

Mr. Wilson waited until the three girls had disappeared into the elevator before he went to the large screens. He took out his phone and dialed a number. A few seconds later, the screens changed to show a young woman looking at him. “Hey George.” The woman said. “How is my big brother?”

Mr. Wilson shook his head. “Well, after ten years, I’ve transformed into Knight Poison.” He told his younger sister. “Something weird happened today.”

The woman frowned. “What do you mean?” She asked. “What happened?”

“Do you remember how we used to fight evil creatures?” Mr. Wilson asked. “Well today, after work, two evil things came after me at the school. They looked weird. One looked like a biker thug and the other…I think like bubble gum.”

The woman gave Mr. Wilson a look. “Really George?” She asked.

Mr. Wilson nodded. “The way that they attacked me and the way they were talking, it sounded like they had been sent after me..” Mr. Wilson was silent for a few seconds before he spoke. “Do you think that any of our old enemies have returned after all this time Emily?” He asked.

The woman thought about it. “Not that I know of. Lauren is still in Ohio close to where we defeated Octogus and the Undead Warriors. The Undead are still sealed away. The twins are still guarding over the tomb of the Terrible Ten. Nothing to report there.” She replied.

“What about Vortex and his robots?” Mr. Wilson asked. “Or Goldenator and the demons?” Mr. Wilson thought about the different evils that they had fought in the past.

Emily shook her head. “Captain Chris, Knight Shield, is still in Cleveland and checks the ruins of Vortex’s factory every day. That virus is gone. So is…” Emily didn’t finish her sentence as she looked down.

Mr. Wilson looked down as well. He knew who Emily was speaking about. “Knight Majesty.” He said. “Damian.” It still was painful for him to talk about Damian. “Some of my students and one of their younger sisters followed me here through the portal.” Mr. Wilson then said, changing the subject.

Emily’s eyes widened. “They know your secret? George, did you make sure that they agreed not to tell anyone that you’re a Knight?” She asked. She had to make sure.

Mr. Wilson smiled a little. “They actually wanted to become Knights.” He told Emily. “It was like the old days. Reminded me of when you wanted to become a Knight.”

Emily smiled as she thought about that. “You mean how I basically begged Master Renard?” She asked before she laughed. “What did you tell them?”

“I told them no. It was too dangerous.” Mr. Wilson replied. “I also didn’t tell them what used to happen to us when we fought too hard.”

Emily rolled her eyes. “Duh. That was scary when it happened.” She said. “You tell them that, they wouldn’t want to become Knights.” Emily shook her head. “You should let them join you George.” She said in a gentle voice. “The Knights were meant to protect the world and it sounds like you’re up against something evil. You’re going to need all the help you can get.”

Mr. Wilson looked over his shoulder at the table on the wooden floor. There were three Knight Changers on it. “George, it might be time to bring back a new generation of Knights if this threat is serious.” Emily told Mr. Wilson. “It’s why certain of us kept the Knight Changers around.”

Mr. Wilson knew his sister was right. He just never thought that It would be a bunch of school girls wanting to become Knights.

Emily looked over her shoulder. “I need to get going George.” She said. “Think about what I said and don’t be afraid to bring these three, whoever they are, onto your team. You might just need their help to face this new threat.” The screens returned to the golden cobra.

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