Dino Knights Book One A New Age

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Chapter Six

At the warehouse, the Benefactor was on his computers. “Where are you my old friends?” He asked as he typed quickly. He needed to find them if his plan was going to work. He looked up as he heard the door to the warehouse open. “How did your mission go?” He asked without turning around.

Stygian stabbed the ground with the sword. “You didn’t tell us that our target was able to fight back or that he had powerful weapons!” He shouted angrily. Stygian pointed a finger at the Benefactor. “We were completely unready to fight that warrior, whatever he was!”

The Benefactor sighed and turned his chair around. He looked at Stygian and Bubble Gumstar. So much for things going according to plans. He glared at the two. “Two powerful monsters like yourself couldn’t defeat a single Knight?” He demanded, standing up. “Why did I create you if you can’t get the job done?” The Benefactor went up to Stygian and Bubble Gumstar. “What should I do about this?”

Stygian pointed at Bubble Gumstar. “Something that might help is if I had better help.” He told the Benefactor. “Bubble Gumstar here didn’t do much to help with the fighting.”

Bubble Gumstar crossed her arms over her chest. “What can I say? I think I’m more of a thinker and planner than a fighter.” She replied.

The Benefactor looked at the two monsters for a few minutes. “I can create you more monsters.” He told them. He turned to Bubble Gumstar. “You stay here if you are more of a plotter than a fighter.”

Stygian sighed with relief. “Thank goodness.” He said. “Anything is better than her.”

The Benefactor looked at Stygian before he went back to the computers. He sat down and typed in a code. His one computer screen turned green and out came several reptilian humanoid warriors. They were all green and brown skin. Their scales were sharp. Their eyes were dark brown and they had curved scaled blades. They all knelt to Stygian.

The Benefactor typed in more codes before the computer screen turned green again. Another creature came out of it. This one was a humanoid monster. It had a long curled up tail, spikes on the shoulder and looked like a lizard.

“Will your new foot soldiers, the Tyricans, and your new monster, Lizinator do?” The Benefactor asked without turning to Stygian and Bubble Gumstar.

Stygian went up to the Tyricons and Lizinator. “What is your purpose for existing?” Stygian asked Lizinator after a few seconds of looking at him.

Lizinator thumped his chest. “To serve you and to destroy the Knight.” He replied without hesitation.

Stygian smiled and looked at the Benefactor. “This will do quite nicely.” He replied.

The Benefactor still didn’t turn to face either of them. “Go and destroy Knight Poison.” He ordered before he started typing more codes into the computer. “Leave me to my work.”

Bubble Gumstar watched Stygian, Lizinator and the Tyricons leave. “He is so handsome.” She said, her eyes on Stygian. She looked at the Benefactor. “Do you think Stygian and I might get together?” She asked. To her annoyance, the Benefactor didn’t reply. “Whatever.” She said before she walked off into the warehouse.

The Benefactor typed in several codes. An image of Knight Poison appeared. The Benefactor looked at the picture. He knew that the picture was a decade old. It was back when Knight Poison lived in Ohio like the rest of the Knights. “Knight Poison, this is far from over.” He told the image of Knight Poison. The Benefactor smiled. “This is far from over.”

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